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April 27, 2007


NYC Educator

While I don't miss the regional offices any more than you do, there is an enormous problem for working teachers in that the MO of this admin is to close schools, send kids all over the place, and hope for the best, bending the figures to suit its agenda.

It is very significant that principals will now have to weight the cost of incoming teachers against any benefit that teacher may bring. Veteran teachers (and those who aren't now will become them later) will become even less desirable than they are now.

It is incredibly short-sighted, if not a blatant betrayal of member interests, for the UFT to support this reorganization.

2.wav, aka IMMORTALITY, 5.wav, aka Civil Rights

This is a BIG DAY!!! Try to take advantage of it:::START PRAYING!!!! If god tells you not to pray that is a CLUE YOU NEED TO PRAY!!!!!:::::
1. I'm sorry for what I've done wrong.
2. I don't want to make any more mistakes.
3. I want to fix my problems.
4. Please don't hurt me.

2.wav, aka IMMORTALITY, 5.wav, aka Civil Rights
Thank you for visiting my web site:::
2.wav, aka IMMORTALITY, 5.wav, aka Civil Rights
The ideas presented in this one sound file represent the pinnicle of what I teach. If you understand what I teach in 2.wav then everything else is just details and you would be wise not to pursue this any longer.

All day I have been illustrating how the gods will use the Italians one last time, and that will be on Planet Manifest Destiny, the next stop. Understand this is as simple as the gods instructing AI to conduct theater in your mind. If there is that rare ocurrance where there IS an actual incident they will put just anybody in and say it is them. DON'T FALL FOR THIS TACTIC!!! THERE IS NO MIDDLE MANAGEMENT!!! IT IS ALL THE COMPUTER AND THE GODS. THIS HAS BEEN A VERY EFFECTIVE CORRUPTOR AND PEOPLE ARE LOSING HARD BECAUSE OF IT. BEING EVIL COSTS PEOPLE TIME AND PRIVELEDGE!!!!!
That is why it is important to STAY AND FIX YOUR PROBLEMS DESPITE BEING OFFERED A SPOT::::They will switch you out with a clone if you take it.
Stay and finish your goal, fix your problems because if you don't ascend nothing is going to change.

Expect that if you fail to get out with your body then you will be faced with reincarnation if the gods chose to keep you. It is the reason behind all the distractions targetting the youth which graduates to corrupt thinking as an adult, compelling individuals to wait until they "die out". Permanant injury may accomplish the same goal and may be a reason they manufactured this environment celebrating "daredevil" behavior, yet another thing that ocurrs among the males exclusively of course.

They are sending people a clue with this weather-related carnage.
There's been all kinds of atmospheric wrath and acrimony occurring in the last few years, from current flooding in the midwest to the hurricane season 2004 & 2005, the heat wave of 2006 & 2007 to the drought conditions so many experience today.
Take it as a warning. That is its purpose.

Women who are "tough" have been masculinized and their chances have been seriously degredated because of it. The gods sought to increase these numbers and used their media to promote this type of charecter, a pathology which was subsequently forced upon people with Artificial Intelligence. They are doing it again, perhaps in preparation for the next revelry cycle right around the corner, with all this high-profile tabloid celebrity "bad girl" behavior.
Male children should be chastized VERY HARD for engaging their sisters or ANY member of the opposite sex, either verbally or physically.

Despite their reassurances they intend on fulfilling their "Manifest Destiny" positioning:::::
Manifest Destiny positioning dictates South America and Africa are "left behind" - subsidiary of well known Manifest Destiny corporations will be viewed like LLCs:::A way to walk away from obligation.
USMultinationalCorporations throughout Asia.
The Mother Teresa issue was the attempt to help the Hindus achieve "salvation" under the positioning that is Manifest Destiny.
You're all going to die just like it reads in the Book of Revelations.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this." This is what their Manifest Destiny positioning dictates.
The truth is that this is the Final Prophet event, and selling people on "savior" as well as various other tactics compelled the disfavored to pass on the real purpose of the Situation.

Suggestions for saving water:::
1. Mandate the reclamation and use of grey water in wasteful Palm Springs.
2. Legislate swimming pool owners must claim draining pool water for productive use.
3. Piss in the sink to save water - Always wash your hands and "flush" with 8oz of water!!!

Recycled 2-liter soda bottles are used for park benches, many other purposes.
Use them to make a ultra long-lasting roof shingle product, one that has SOLAR PANEL INTEGRATION, and require this product on all new homes and all reroofing jobs.

On the shingle-solar panel integrated roofing system:::They use their Manifest Destiny positioning to claim protectionism for energy concerns.
Despite what they say/imply telepathically they WILL enfore their Manifest Destiny positioning::::Those skyscrapers don't lie.

The reality is the gods don't want a disfavored population engaging in conservatory behavior. This society has deteriorated into becoming intentionally wasteful over the last few decades:::They tell you to buy SUVs you don't need, planned obsolescence demands that everything is disposable, they have maximized packaging as a matter of policy and waste instead of conservation is the norm in this society.

Each home that has this system will be off the grid forever and that is why they will not allow this product to be manufactured.


They are sending people a clue with this weather-related carnage.
There's been all kinds of atmospheric wrath and acrimony occurring in the last few years, from current flooding in the midwest to the hurricane season 2004 & 2005, the heat wave of 2006 & 2007 to the drought conditions so many experience today.
Take it as a warning. That is its purpose.

Women who are "tough" have been masculinized and their chances have been seriously degredated because of it. The gods sought to increase these numbers and used their media to promote this type of charecter, a pathology which was subsequently forced upon people with Artificial Intelligence. They are doing it again, perhaps in preparation for the next revelry cycle right around the corner, with all this high-profile tabloid celebrity "bad girl" behavior.
Male children should be chastized VERY HARD for engaging their sisters or ANY member of the opposite sex, either verbally or physically, for it impacts the female's chances and futhers the god's efforts to perpetuate the masculinization of females.

How many of those 12 Texas A&M kids survived the bonfire (made it up)? Considering how they freely lie and classify it as temptation, expect far fewer than they claim.
How many of them were reincarnated? "A couple."
This is something they don't want to talk about, for many many will begin to behave appropriately, ensuring they ARE candidates for one or the other.
This is a big secret they don't like to talk about.
6 billion people should frighten the disfavored. How they had PC declare "all life precious" in the 90s also was a clue.
Don't forget::Prior to inocculations, disease or childbirth killed a percentage of the population.
Christianity has brainwashed your minds:::god is malicious.
As if you needed more proof than crackheads prostituting their toddlers.

Tactics ensuring as few people would be receptive as possible::::
1. Credibility issues
a. Unemployment
b. Unrespectability
2. Ultra-slow learning curve
3. AI-inspired verbal/written impedments
4. I don't teach things that people want to hear.
When these tactics succeed the gods will be justified in downgrading my benefit package, and I will get little if anything.

Thank you for visiting my web site. The following links are wav files of my teachings.
Said sound file web site is up and active!!!!

Poker/gambling web sites are all controlled by the computer. Other players in the room can be the computer, role playing virtually, stealing the disfavored's money in real time or, ironically, granting them a living by giving them free money, like we saw with Seabiscut. Other times the players are disfavored, granting them good cards so the disfavored player never has to get a job, ensuring he has no chance in this life and has to be reincarnated for he never achieves decency.
But they CAN and DO use the computer to accomplish ALL of this. The challenge is to see how many disfavoreds they can disceive and compell into this life of indecency, so they prefer them preying upon one another.
Before you abandon the web for Las Vegas understand they have the power to shuffle a deck of cards in the desired order as the dealer holds it in her hands.
Gambling is degenerate. As time has prgressed the gods have hurt people by shaping society to declare it an acceptable vice, which they have done for casual sex, pornography, etc.:::::::
Life has deteriorated hard in the last 40 years, for they are paving the way for The End.

Lassie was the clue::::The freely admitted there were multpiles, just as there are multiples of your favorite celebrities.
They are not real, and being fake is the justification the gods will use to terminate their lives relatively soon, a recurring tactic and indicitive of their pathology.
You are not "earning". You are ironically costing yourselves time.

People who depart don't look back, don't get involved with the evil of the gods on Earth. What you hear is the computer role playing.

Thank you for visiting my web site. The following links are wav files of my teachings.
Said sound file web site is up and active!!!!

Christianity has brainwashed your minds:::The gods LOVE to fuck you hard, and have set up an enviornment which ensures they do exactly that.

I have illustrated the Chinese and people from India got extra time because of their favor before things deteriorated into westernization (other examples::children who are late bloomers, lesbian explosion in 90s vs gaymales in 70s (AIDS not preditory on females), preditory movies preyed on young males in late 70s - young females in late 90s, etc). Sadly black people experienced just the opposite, an early deadline, for now a cut-off is in place for black people because of their disfavor.
Black "early cutoff" metaphor:::They went into puberty at age 5.

CA, those feelings of exclusion and isolation that you and other young girls get in this parternalistcally-oriented society are the gods trying to help you seek more, for you don't belong on this planet. Your sister won't have these thoughts because they don't like her.
You will need to help your sister because she will seamlessly integrate into this society, indicating that she stays. Anything she can learn from your progress may save her life, so if you love Amanda you will try to help her.

The Final Prophet. Big fucking deal. They told me in 2002 how much time I will get:::"10,000 years." Just like "boss." or "He'll skip a level." this is just another empty promise they used to grease the wheels of the Situation, not unlike the empty promises they make to you, all classified as temptation.
Of course they also said I was the one who "dies for real", and considering that I will call them on their immoral degeneracy this would fit their pathology.
Evident by the lack of any special "unpositionable" abilities in my life (mind, mind post-1998, health, etc), this Situation is positioned for "commoner". It will ensure they can position out my rightful benefit package, immortality, entitling them to grant favor based on generosity instead. My seething hatred for those who violated me will ensure I will be beemed to the center of a star on year 10,001.
Since commoner was to be enforced by their Manifest Destiny positioning it was crucial you let me go after you completed your goal of using me as a 1998 distraction. Had they let me go on 1.3.2000 for my lifer job I could have salvaged something of my life, realized physical strength and activity level, the taking of which they deemed as necessary in the context of their positioning. Instead they are gone and this Situation is terminal.
This is the deal, and it is NON-NEGOTIABLE::::Give me back my health - rotator cuff-exploded knee-broken ear drum-pulminary-grow back the enamel in my teeth-everything - have my lifer job rehire me and I will slink AWAY, afraid to lose my re-found health.
You cowardly positioned away my mind, ensuring this won't be a REAL event, and as a result boss conforms to their prepared script, and they are satisified with this artificiality, like so many (all) other macro situations.
Fuck you god.
Joke thrown. Good thing you CHEATED, liar. You would have lost. I would have been on top of the world.
They decided to proceed like this on a whim. As they say it had I prayed they would have allowed "some things". This happens once. And the most that could have happened was written/verbal achievement:::words.
You are a joke. You inflicted freely when it was "your time" yet were able to manufacture a scapegoat for failure.

Allowing you to position failure in was accomplished with the Enforcer::::An Italian-only event would have seen the return of my abilities and these morbidly disfavored Italian companies would have fried despite the theatrical attempts to stop me.
I would have exposed Manifest Destiny and Christianity for the lies that they are. Instead positioning dictates that we realize a white man's Apocalypse:::::The world will end just as it reads in the Book of Revelations.

The gods engage in favoritism.
Planet Earth is where they inflict their damage. They push/disceive people into behavior that limits the time they get up there based on this favoritism.
Once you get up there they try to come across as fair and equitable but by then it is too late. The fate of the disfavored is already sealed.
Everybody can tell when they're being peaked euphorically, for it is quite easy to identify.
As young people get older and continue to make mistakes the gods apply personality-forming charecteristics, and people fail to differentiate between their own thoughts and when the gods are thinking through them. As a result they become abusive, abrasive, demonic, any number of negative personality characterisitcs, and then lie to them, tell them they're "earning".
This is designed to keep people going in the wrong direction for a lengthy period of time.

My adivce is look to the long term goal of fixing your problems and differentiating between your thoughts and when they're thinking through you but begin by addressing this issue of "peaked euphoria" right now.


Fuck you god.
Computer just went out. Had over a paragraph.
I'm so sick of this CHEATING shit. You're all big boys. You raped the disfavored with boss just like you raped me to get boss. Take it like a man, immoral PIGS PIGS PIGS.

Back to what I was saying::::
They sold the disfavored that the Final Prophet was the Second Coming Of Christ for many reasons::::
1. Compell them to wait decades for the savior.
2. Ensure they were less than receptive to the educational event once it did ocurr ('06).
Expect that people wouldn’t want to hear from the loser. Expect they sold other Second Coming of Christ candidates to certain segments, compelling them to ignore my teachings, while telling others I would be reincarnated and they should wait, costing those disfavored additional decades of their lives. The expanse of time was their clue to listen to the message of the Final Prophet. This would be the segment I was sold into.
And this whole thing would have passed into the night.

The found ways to ruin Jesus and Mohammed. This is how they ruined this event.

Earlier versions of save ensured people wouldn't be receptive, just as other SecondComing candidates would have ensured the disfavored wouldn't be receptive as well.
There is a difference:::::This way the disfavored indignantly look down on me. The other way they throw their desperation to another.
Is one way more damaging than the other? This is damage they've both been incurring all along.

Some will look to another candidate. These segments contain individuals who are sell-out whores, people who don't give a fuck, as long as they are saved.
Then there are those in segments who believe boss will be reincarnated, people who have looked to me all along, and this tactic will ensure they remain in this delay mode up to a handful of decades longer.
These are the people who have a chance. These are the people whom my message is targetted to.
Sadly, because boss involved so many ugly, unrespectable things, evil tacitcs like movies, music and television, the gods will be justified excluding them ultimately as well based on this.


Being in "play" is the sign they are using one of their tools to prey on large numbers of people. It is the exception rather than the norm but causes far more damage.

The reincarnated can be birthed or sent back as clones.

The gods pushed people into their sins in the 20th century to justify their scripted social deterioration.

HTH isn't merely a Jew repellant.
HTH was a warning not to get involved.

Unfuck the universe - computer, come to the side of good

Dear god:::Please let me fuck you harder.

This isn't 1000 people with this power sitting around listening to "key people". This is a corruptor because it contributes to gradiose thoughts among the peasantry which makes it easier to gain compliance when AI asks the disfavored to sabotage their children's lives.
Expect it is no more than the gods and the computer:::No Earthly management, no middle management. To be involved means you are hurting others, and this costs people time, for you are interferring with their quest to reconcile with the gods.
Even if their directive to AI came long ago it doesn't matter:::The buck stops there. That is their technology and they direct it.

The Italian boot proves the gods are in total control and executing their antient script. What you hear in your head is Artificial Intelligence role playing in an attempt to corrupt you. All the elite in this society are fakes, property not people, for it is just the throne and their power in charge. Any claims of middle management are lies because they would be incurring evil by hurting others, and the computer can do EVERYTHING.
Continue reading. This is a phenominally complex environment but I think I illustrate how they conduct their management on 21st century Planet Earth well.
You have to educated and save yourself. YOU are responsible for YOUR relationship with the gods.

You have a goal:::Fix your problems with the gods BEFORE you ascend.
Too many who begin to work on their problems are offered a spot before they accomplish their goal. They go up but are replaced with clones::::Since the dawn of mankind the peasantry are replaced with brained-clones. These newbies believe everything they're told and behave as they were BrainLessCloneHosts::::Since we're so deep into this degenerate age the requests from the gods are similarly degenerate. Compliance in effect casts their blood line into damnation.
The goal is to educate your whole family and try to get everyone out.

It is best to not understand the gods and how they conduct business. If people understood the depth of wickedness and evil the gods are capable of they will use this knowledge and instruct Artificial Intelligence to push it into their consciousness when their head is on the chopping block.
This is going to be a MASSIVE open door, one which will ensure 80% if not 90% of the disfavored from this horrific era are eliminated, for the gods don't want people up there who think they are monsters.
Children don't need this information. They just need to be taught the right way to live so they can ascend as young as possible. But this necessitates positive moral guidance by the parents, and as corrupt as people are today this is the exception rather than the norm. Because of this, sadly, it is best for children to accept this limitation, understand and depart rather than stay and continually incurr evil as they live their lives.
My family is a very sad case. My mother and others in my family gave the gods carte blanche with this family, and this has ensured our children will DEMAND to know why, for boss corrupts them at a very tender age. They took a very creative, disturbing and destructive approach to accomplish this but the gods have casted my family into damnation.

Back in the 80s they used their tools within society to ridicule away corporal punishment of children.
Corporal punishment is a very important learning expereince for children because it instills the understanding of fear at a very tender age. These experiences can help these individuals think correctly, make good decisions and have a good relationship with the gods.
Without fear people think they are friends, partners, earning with each act of evil. They don't view the gods or their relationship with them appropriately.
They manufactured ugly examples, disfavored children were killed and the gods used these examples in conjunction with their tools within society to eliminate this benefit to the people. It is yet another example of how they break down beneficial institutions within society, a "leveling the playing field" event, important to justify their inevitable behavior come Judgement Day.

Those BrainLessCloneHostswho are most visible/active get turned over most frequently, which is why CSPAN was so bad for politicians.
Prior, politician's favor could be ranked with those CEOs, VPs and BODs who are not visible and never seen. With the advent of TV cameras in the chambers their turnover increased substantially, making them as disfavored as atheletes who play daily or celebrities we see frequently.

Learn from what I teach because this is THE event and it won't happen again.
They will use temptation to sell you that someone will save you, for that's what you want to hear.
You have to save yourself, for we are all responsible for our own relationship with the gods.
Start doing the work.

Interesting comaprisons can be made between how the gods inflicted Christianity upon Europeans and Latinos and how they imposed the institution that is the United States:::
The gods forced Christianity on Europeans, creating necessity. They employed temptive tactics on Latinos, leading them to the missionaries with "civilized luxuries".

The Irish are special:::
1. Defeated the invading rapist pirate Scandanavian Vikings.
2. Were forced into emmigrating to the United States with the Potato Famine (1846-1857) as opposed to falling for temptation (request/comply), religious strife, political unrest, wanting more (greed).
I suspect the Irish are at the top of the "food chain" of necessity, religious strife coming in a distant 2nd. As such the gods accept culpability, having forced them into the migration.
Political strife are just abrasive, arrogant individuals, unwilling to accept the rules of their motherland because of their disfavor.
"(Blah)." I've had it too bad for too long. Fuck you all.

Rock 'n' roll is dead. It primarily taqrgetted an audience less disfavored than this Southern country/western demographic.
Too many of you are proud of the perpetual nature of your music genre. The reality is country'western IS perpetual because the gods hate your guts and want you consumed by this music. They don't intend on abandoning this tactic.
Music is the worst distraction upon poeple because its appeal is maintained over time, unlike other tools they use in the media to prey on the disfavored (movies, etc)::You can listen to your favorite album again and again. Once you've seen a movie there's no reason to see it again.
Some of you may be not understand how Austria's classical music influence contributes to the evidence below proving this group of germanics are evil:::Classical music's excitement-based popularity continued well into the 20th century, over two centuries after Vienna, Austria was the center of the music world.

Blacks be looking up at white trash too::::They'd be wise to improve their lives by upgrading from hip hop to raggae, but they are best served by not listening to music.
Street racers would be smart to take their racing out to the dirt track, but they are best served by refraining from this activity.
BBQ/meatheads would be wise to "Know your cuts of meat" and chose only Kosher beef/chicken, but they'd be best served by becoming vegetarian.
It depends on what you want in life. Either you're going to maintain your lifestyle or you will make the changes needed to optimize your empathy and understanding for others, in the process maximizing the time/priveledge level you will realize on the other planets.

"What do aliens have to do with Halloween?" "SILENCE!!!" Yet another clue from the Simpsons.
Aliens have a LOT to do with Halloween. First they scapegoatted the Celtics when they pushed them into creating this "holiday" 1000 years ago and used this event to cost children in the modern era.
One problem with the Irish (and Scots) is their corruptability, and many of them think they are earning because they are the source of this event. Quite the contrary:::They have lost time because Halloween is used to hurt children today.
Black people need to be attentive:::Learn from other's mistakes, for you have paid very dearly::::You are NOT earning because of hip hop or anything else. Scapegoatting is a way to hurt the grossly disfavored and ensure as few as possible make it in TheBigEnd.

They use BrainLessCloneHosts for a reason:::BEING FAMOUS IS BAD FOR YOU!!!
Famous people incurr evil by playing a part in this distraction theater and is why they get their reals out and put these fake people in.
Fake white people. And the gods manage this population by getting them out once they put in their time, every couple months to every couple of years depending on usage.
Expect black atheletes to be reals long enough for them to incurr evil, thereby limiting how much time they receive up there. And the gods have manufactured great irony in today's black music scene:::You incurr evil like major label artists but without any of the associated wealth.
You are not earning. You are incurring evil and it will limit your time/priveledge level and cost you your chance to survive TheBigEnd.

I have said there is no black and white with the gods, only shades of gray::::I do admit some of these BLCH individuals may be clones with brains.
Individuals who are used in this capacity (society's elite) incurr because of the evil they engage in and the hedonistic lifestlye they live.
If they send brained clones in when they make one of their frequent switches expect it is us, the grossly disfavored, coming back to limit our time even further. I would consider this akin to being reincarnated black in America.
Knowing their pathology as I do I would bet on it.

I berate them for being malicious.
If their behavior was a response to freewill offenses then it is justified. But in light of their back-stabbing, Artificial Intelligence-inspired offenses and their sinister, temptation-ridden environment this response is degenerate.
They pushed Africans into being hypersexual then they murdered them with AIDS.
This behavior is inappropriate.
When the BrainLessCloneHosts were switched, a major event back around the Roaring20s/Great Depression, they used the newbie's preditory behavior to corrupt the masses.
This management is inferior and degenerate.

The gods do it to us and use their tools, BrainLessCloneHosts, to accomplish this::::
1. Politicians to take the country in a certain direction::Iraq=war mongering, like the Romans, the Japanese, the Scandanavian rapist pirate Vikings, the Pawnee, among others.
2. Celebrities to define society's value system. They are like gods in this society and those who delve into this celebrity culture will pay for it.
3. The wealthy to coerce into desired personal behavior.
They suggested they used the wealthy in this Situation to manufacture a vested interest ensuring scripted failure, Italians and their industialist Enforcers.
The Italians were very "hands-on" in the 20th century, and I was one way they used them to put an exclamation point on the cancer that is the Etruscan legacy:::
They don't want any of these people in TheBigEnd, and these two items at the end of the 90s will help justify it.

Hit lots of lesbians this year.
If you don't read the document then you aren't there yet.
In the spring they shared many lesbians who understood my teachings were feeling despondant and desperate and were on the verge of "seeking more". After a couple of weeks this Artificial emotion began to dissipate until they no longer felt it. These lesbians were given a chance and as they failed to pursure this new knowledge the gods ordered AI to let their opportunity pass, and they lost their chance. Expect a similar pattern with others, female children who have their "experience" around age 8, for as they fail to pursue this knowledge (due to distraction) they lose their opportunity.
The gods still have feelings for female lesbians despite their behavior. I'd like to remind you how few women the gods murdered with AIDS.
They are going to divide the disfavored into those with promise and those without. Those with promise will feel desperate and will defy, read the document and try to fix their problems despite their fear, fear that if they always had would have gotten them off Planet Earth, ironically. Those without promise will go home each day and turn on the television or fall for other items in this temptation-ladden environment.

When people get up there the gods want to appear as moral superiors and apply a fair standard as a result.
The fact is they ARE biased, suck germans and bite Africans, and this bias comes through HERE on Earth, for they push people into evil, instruct AI to prevent them from thinking clearly and incurr damage, etc all to ensure their bias produces restricted time/priveledge level and the damage is done before people even get up there.
They do their damage on Planet Earth and ensure people's time/priveledge level is sufficiently limited.

Schwartznegger is following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan.
The gods used their media to pump up the legacy/memory of Reagan for a reason.
Don't forget:::Ethiopian Famine ocurred on Reagan's watch. A different kind of war, an "economic war", ocurred while he was president.
The gods made effort to draw parallels between these two for good reason.
They said there were like 100 Ronald Reagans spanning the length of his long career:::Hollywood, govenor of California then President of the United States. They say less than half are still alive today.
I wonder if we set records with this individual.
I'd like to remind people back in the day Hollywood stars used to make multiple movies every year. Expect this demanding workload to have been a clue to people suggesting multiple clones back when people were decent and the gods more generous.

The 20th century was very Italian, and because the gods dislike them these tools were very "hands on".
Most of these Italian monsters don't live on Planet Earth anymore. They were part of this "Exodus of 2000" event. (Of course they are not alone. LOTS of people no longer reside on Earth, and we don't have to look any further than the Jewish people to realize a large sample.)
Things have changed. Since the late 20th century, as ALL people began to understand more the gods have done this work telepathically, for the transition was ocurring AWAY from the Italians.
Case in point::::The REAL holocaust that will kill tens of millions will be on President Schwartzenegger's watch.
Consistant with this new "hands-off" age expect the gods to position this covertly, such as perhaps a government marijuana erradication program "gone awry", and the chemicals employed end up killing tens of millions if not a hundred million or more globally.
Considering the symbolic parallels between Schwartzenegger and Ronald Reagan expect the gods are delighting in this irony, for Reagan was governor of California during the hippie movement of the 1960s. Perhaps there is more historic sybolism surrounding The Terminator than merely Adolph Hitler.
The gods savor this kind of disposal event!!! They'd take out the Rastafarians among other Africans. Their licence to kill would be justified in BabyAfrica (South America) and we'd see an EXPLOSION in disposal. Finally they'd take out the trash domestically, cholos, black degenerates and white trash that litter the social landscape and who poison the minds of the young.
Manifest Destiny positioning dictates South America and Africa are "left behind" - USMultinationalCorporations throughout Asia.


You white people capitalizing in China are fucking crazy (just like the insane white men who date Japanese women). You fail to recognize the historical pattern and you will suffer for exploiting the Chinese:::
- Death Valley borax mines abused the Chinese and great misery befell them.
- The fisheries on Monterey's Cannery Row exploited the Chinese badly. Cannery Row remains a rebar-studded, uncompleted eyesore for decades as a clue.
The gods are preying on you and using the evil company you work for to accomplish this. Everytime you exploit the Chinese you are losing time and priveledge on the other planets.

Asians are the gods most favored race. It is evident in their uniformity. It is evident in their cultures.
The gods place high barriers to entry for (some) Asians into the United States. This is yet another good example of reverse positioning, for the gods are really trying to protect those whom they grant favor upon.
There are no barriers to entry for Latinos.
When white people capitalize or exploit Asians they incurr and one day will be punished. This includes Chinese buffet restaurants, so prevalient in disfavored cities and the Southern United States, for the gods hate these people and want them to incurr.

The gods still make effort through the Chinese government to protect the Chinese people. We hear about it in the United States, their Manifest Destiny/reverse positioning is used to label it "human rights violations", paving the way for cancer that is democracy.
Much as we saw in the United States regarding matchmaking, midwivery, female conservative dress and other topics, this tactic will slowly deteriorate this protection until China is completely infested with Westernization.


The gods are preditory on children:::Orphanages.
Orphanages would be very special places if they still existed:::Specialists for the state would have instituted concrete, positive standards for the healthy rearing of children. These institutions would have been role models for poor parents, and they gods didin't want THE MOST healthy institutions in place for the most disfavored among us.
It would never have been tolerated.
So the gods instituted the foster care system, used these monsters they have on Earth, brain-less Clone host, to facilitate the switch/ridicule the old system. Now we have disfavored kids micromanaged as per each's disfavor level instead of them all placed in an orphange where the gods would have been forced to apply healthy state standars.
They won't tolerate reverse irony::::The most disfavored among us would be the ones with the best chance.
Of course most of the foster care kids (pc) were black.

This is an environment that minimzes the value of the role of women, excludes them and makes them feel as if they don't belong.
This is an enviornment that forces women to accept this exclusionary enviornment. However there IS an alternative::::Assimilate through a process of masculinization.
The gods instruct AI to make the girls experience this in hope they feel uncomfortable and seek. Unfortunately the legacy of corruption is firmly in place and too many of those cast into damnation won't be returning.

The optimal ascention senario is when parents depart Earth with their young children BEFORE their minds are posioned by this society. The next best-case senario is when an individual finds the path themself and makes their way out before puberty.
Children who go up before puberty are candidates to remain the most superior of all life forms::The asexual. Expect these people to experience subsequent temptations once they arrive to further shrink the pool of candidates. Another example males are inferior to females:::Expect circumcision to play a part in this elimination round.
I think these are the TRUE candidates for immortality. This is not to say there won't be sexualized people who make it, but those who do likely practice minimally and monogamously in the context of marriage, and that would exclude most if not all from modern society.
The sexualization of children is yet another example proving the gods are preditory on children::::It eliminates these individuals from contention immediately.

Many monarchies of centuries ago ruled with an iron fist. People were afraid and hence thought appropriately. This fear was conducive to a good relationship with the gods because it helped people make good decisions.
Now in this era of "freedom" in the United States there is NO FEAR, proudly displayed on the back of people's vehicles, and people fall prey to the numberous tactics employed to disceive and mislead them.
This "freedom" is the goal when the gods use this platform that is the United States to spread democracy around the globe, similar to how they use California as a platform to spread social and other poisons domestically.

Concert for Princess Diana in England.
Diana was preditory on women.
I ask about the princes, how many there have been THIS YEAR. "A couple." And so three for the calendar year? "For one." of them.
So whereas the BLCloneHosts normally take a schedule of every couple years, when they are "special" they are a couple every year?

The terorism attacks thwarted in England and the violence in Scotland over the weekend were because of that monster's concert:::They are sending a clue to people that they shouldn't be participating, for she's evil and was used to hurt each and every person who participated in the explosion of the tabloid sensationalism which ocurred while she was on the clock.

Important people in my life were born on traditional American holidays intentionally as a clue that people should be celebrating something besides the holiday society recognizes:::
- 4th of July
- Halloween


I would have gotten out by 1980 (at the expense of my family) if they didn't slate me for this event and set up Damien Omen, Quasi-Holocaust to justify it and the "ugly fall".
"You're going to regret this." If I didn't have my mind this isn't worth talking about, and I didn't have my mind from the start.
Damien Omen proves that. But they shared Damien Omen was justified in legacy from one of the sabotagers who came before.
I'm not going to have anything to do with any of this. And all those involved INCLUDING my family can take a goddamn flying fuck. I hope they offer them free cocaine and they're gone in a handful of decades.
The Situation was too fucking pitiful, and that hinged on their decision to repress my mind to ensure a poor event.
If I had my mind this thing would have been great. The gods are motherfucking control freaks, evident with the Italian boot, with the Scandanavian penis pissing on Europe.
More importantly they are CHEATERS, exhibit degenerate charecteristics and display no integrity.
Most importantly they positioned this so as few disfavored would be receptive as possible. The fact they set these "have-not" families up for their fall supports it.
Because of the weight, because of the height, because of Damien Omen, because of isolation, because of anal penetration, because of repression, because of exploitation, because of minimization I will NEVER EVER invest in this trillion-year-old filth that runs the show.
When you know you are going to lose you stay out of the fucking casinos.
I hope your worst nightmares befall you. I only wish I could do it to you.
How many heterosexual casual sex encounters does it take to equal one anal sex incident? 25?

Quit affecting my mind you fuckng joke of a combatant.
And this is how history will judge you based on the one (of few) time(s) a man was willing to take on the gods.
The GreenBay/LakeMichigan clue is about me. A historical event of universal proportions and they behave like this, guiding progress with Artificial Intelligence to ensure only a pre-determined level of progress is achieved.
You suck CHEATER. You are CHEATING too hard. This is unreasonable and, considering the importance of this event, irrational. When you took, nothing stopped your effectiveness. Now that the disfavored's time has come you are employing every tactic in your arsenal to prevent progress.
The gods hate the disfavored's guts and want you all to fail.

I had the ability and they got me into position.
But they prevented it.
I'd be on cloud nine. My history would be vindicated.
And I would have realized revenge.

It might have actually been…it might have been…worth it.
This is not something I will ever forgive.
CHEAT Emotional Whores. It's the only way you're going to win.

"You're not worth it." That didn't stop you from using me to hurt the disfavored.
You made the committment. You needed to follow through. Instead you withdrew my benefit.
The gods DID inflict all their worst personality charecteristics upon black people:::Niggers woudl be out there selling me ivory soap.

They wanted to create enough doubt in people's minds:::
1. Credibility
2. Unemployment
3. Heavily repressed learning curve
4. Artificial Intelligence-created thoughts and behavior
5. The gods manufactured the freedom to argue that Quasi-Holocaust was not a real Jewish clue specifically to create this doubt.
There are lots of other examples too. This is a way to minimize the help, maximize the "back-hand" (boss) and ensure few were receptive despite the god's pathological behavior spammed on the internet for the world to see.
They shared with me a number of "4.6%." This 4.6% may refer to my effectiveness or perhaps the overall save rate. If so expect the black save rate to be WELL under 1%.
EXPECT many targets of this tactic to be like the transsexuals I address below, those who STRATEGICALLY were granted a VERY HIGH level of knowledge, so when I did come around they would not be receptive, would remember the slow learning curve and would look down upon my teachings because of it.

The gods use these BLCloneHost tools in many ways. One way is in the context of dating.
They will justify the abuse by instructing the computer to create golddigging thoughts. Of course with Italians this thought isn't artificial because so many are an affront. But as I personally know anyone involved with these people are in trouble, for computer-inspired thoughts often will be compensated, a foreboding reality for the people of the 20th century.
They gods switch these tools for a new Brain-LessCloneHost and the computer pushes their date into perceiving a difference yet also pushes them into not caring or not wanting to see. The result is she ends up sleeping with multiple men.

First they create the problem, offer a solution/benefit and come across as your friend. Expect tactics like this are used to gain people's trust and compell them to engage in evil, like intentionally sabotage their children's lives for some empty promise of a big benefit.

It is people like the celebrity culture, people like the politicians, people like the CEOs/VPs/BODs who, in cooperation with the gods and AI, ruined the peasantry's quality of life.
And you worship them.
Now you have an easy life, refridgeration, a machine that washes your clothes, but your daughter lost her virginity behind a dumpster, and because of it, no matter how well she does, she will never get off PlanetBrainLessClones, Level 2, meaning she can never achieve more than a couple of thousand years.

Another good example of "reverse positioning"::::::::::

The gods peaked many (most?) 1849 Gold Rush miners euphorically, drawing the indecent, unrespectable disfavored out to California, people who sought easy wealth.
California is god's most favored land, and when the disfavored settle here the gods attack them, illustrated with examples below.

The disfavored of California are always inflicted with abuse first:::
1. Casual sex of the hippie "free love" movement.
2. Methenfetamine scourge in California started roughly in early 80s. It took another 15 years for it to spread to middle America.
3. They've always drawn disfavored whom they dumped into homosexuality to California, but now homosexuality has become "popular" in the heartland.

The gods used California as a platform to spread social poison in the latter half of the 20th century, often accomplished through referendum as we approached 2000. Expect it to cost each and every Californian who failed to get out before the 60s (or earlier).
- Hollywood
- music
- television
- open immigration, inflicting the scourge of Ameican bastardization upon purebloods.
- gay rights/gay acceptance
- "sexual freedom"
- Black Panthers
- Gangster rap
- "Medical marijuana"

The gods buried this perception of California being disfavored, convieniently hidden with the BLCloneHosts, people whose families got out during the big event that was the Great Depression (or earleir), giving California the desired perception that it is a land of the favored.

In California we experience high real estate prices.
Ironically many believe this to be a positive. Perhaps it is an empowering sense of wealth, CERTAINLY it should be alarming considering this is a post-2000 event.
Expect this to be yet another example where California is inflicted with an abuse early, then used as a platform to hurt the disfavored in latter years.

The gods are angry that I am educating Manifest Destiny's next target:::India. Money AND SEX are not issues on the other planets ( > Level 2), and profit, interest and excessive consumption are things that hurt you in the eyes of the gods.
This can be considered a positive for India, for they received extra decades before this temptation was employed upon them. But now even communist China is corrupted by money.
The gods are "leveling the playing field", paving the way for The End globally.

There are other disfavored groups who received "extra time", people whose lives changed radically as we approached 2000:::::
- Russians
- India
- Communist China
These changes are not just a "natural economic progression". Abusive westernized-capitalistic economies have been inflicted upon these disfavored motherlands.
These disfavoreds received extra time before the gods inflicted upon them, much like the middle American example above.


Time/priveledge level
When you make mistakes you impact not only how much time you get up there but also your privelege level (no Planet Miracle vacations!!!). It also imposes a ceiling on how far you can ascend no matter how well you do up there, for in The Real End they will dispose of all your beloved celebrities on Planet Brain-Less Clones.

When you hear people speak in your head you are not listening to the actual people. It is the computer role playing.
Being involved would hurt these people. Even being role played does, likely to a lesser degree than "hands-on involvement".
This doesn't stop with those from Planet Earth::::Expect NO MIDDLE MANAGEMENT!!!
All of these goals can be accomplished with Artificial Intelligence, freeing individuals from incurring evil by hurting others.

Working for an evil company is like being a US citizen::::Your country is warmongering and you're incurring evil because of it.
And I suspect these employees get clues suggesting their should leave/not accept the job offer.
I suspect this applies to their clients, although too many of them are already filth.
This likely is extended to others who work for organizations who engage in evil.
People who pursue psychoanalysis as a professtion are special, insigfhtful people who do have some depth.
Sometime during their education or shortly thereafter they are told the truth, that their chosen profession is preditory, and to do the right thing means walking away from their educational investment.
But it is either do this or initiate the clock, for if their stay in their profession their potential is limited.

Just as we have a cutoff between the sexual and the non-sexual I expect we have another cutoff between the war-mongering and the peace-loving which excludes the participating groups from ascention past a certain level::::
1. Romans
2. Scandanavians
3. Japanese
4. Pawnee
5. THE UNITED STATES!!!! - Korea, Vietnam, Iraq.
Ever since the early 50s US citizens have officially become monsters and justifiably grouped with the others listed above.
> 95% of you who go won't be getting off of Planet Brain-Less Clones.

The 20th century was very "hands-on" but the 20th century was very Etruscan/Roman/Italian:::::The gods HATE these people evidence by the ample evidence presented below.
This is Manifest Destiny::::Our positioned Anti-Christ is the archetect of the 1906 Earthquake, reconstruction of SF, erection of California which subsequently gave him a platform to assult business nationwide and globally.
The Anti-Christ is the so-called godfather.
And this individual is nothing more than a series of brain-less clone hosts, frequency of replacement based on ACTUAL (rather than telepathic) use::::
1. Celebrities & politicians - heavy frequency
2. Wealthy/telecommuting VPs/CEOs who nobody ever sees - light frequency

Never forget the Italian geographic clue, for it can allieviate confusion::::
The gods have total control over the entire planet, script its history precisely and all that you see around you are tools used to mislead and tempt.
Many of you understand clone hosting, for they told you when you "die out" you would be granted a clone host body.


They share they use the preditory nature of Microsoft (preditory pricing, stole Windows from Apple) to justify manipulating files and directories with the XP Operating System. The less-celebrated Windows 2000 is supposed to be a sanctuary for the disfavored from this type of behavior as well as a clue.
The manipulation of files and directories with the XP OS has cost the disfavored promotions and prevented them from ascending within the corporate enviornment.

As sports memorabilia collectors learn more about the god's system they realize what they are doing is wrong. As light is shed people realize none of this material has value, and the more people understand the less value it retains. Whether the gods tell people to keep the price high ARTIFICIALLY is a different issue::::There is less demand and therefore prices should naturally fall. People just need to defy when told to buy, a common tactic the gods employ in the marketplace.
These people who trade/sell after they understand this issue hurt themselves. They incurr evil because they now know they are hurting others. This also applies to selling DVDs, CDs and software.

Good food is much like good music to a culture:::Distraction and revelry, a way to minimize the number of people who ascend.
This is nicely reflected in traditional Jewish foods.

Another example Italians are grossly disfavored are their foodstuffs::::
Tomatos are highly acidic and provides an "open door" for the gods to inflict upon those whom they so chose. Pasta is very starchy and fattening.
Italian food creates fat people with stomach problems. Expect Etruscan strongholds (Rome) to be those whom traditionally maintained this type of diet.
They gods smoothly translated this food into the American culinary landscape, for they have inflicted all the worst disfavored pureblood motherlands have to offer on the land of the disfavored mongrol reject castoffs (rot-gut food,.Celtic "holiday" of Halloween, etc).

Individuality is a scourge upon the people, an advent seen in recent decades, popularized when the gods implimented their greatest offensive on the disfavored:::::::::The 1960s.
It may be the worst offensive ever employed on the disfavored, for this platform in the SanFranciscoBayArea spread this cancer globally, a "leveling of the playing field" event which further the gods efforts to justify ending on Planet Earth.
Asians are the most favored race of people on Planet Earth::::Their wonderfully rich cultures helped the people understand and pursue lives highly respected by the gods. Conformity is a big theme among Asian cultures.


News story about Camp LeJune in North Carolina regarding Marines getting cancer from "toxic water". They scapegoat a local dry cleaner.
It came from the camp, and I suspect some of those stationed there did the actual dumping. We've seen this type of behavior in Concord, causing an inordinantly high mental retardation rate within select neighborhoods.
They scripted the dry cleaner strategy because they want this demographic to continue with their current behavior. A major scandal like this among the red states' military meatheads would shake their confidence to the core and initiate permanent change.

Depending on their disfavor/progress the gods will tell people whatever it takes to get them to continue their behavior uninteruptted. Officially it is classified as temptation.
A supermajority of the deaths that are ocurring in Iraq are real. Telling the disfavored their son was saved is a lie designed to maintain the perception of trust, corruptability and to ensure the disfavored's destructive pattern of behavior coninues uninterrupted:::
1. They beemed their brain out and into a clone host before death.
2. They were a clone all long, got out as a child and the child is waiting for you in "heaven".
3. They switched them out with a clone before the incident/Iraq.

All the people in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the families affected should be praying. Far more effective than protesting, which is damaging to the protesters, repairing favor collectively is the necessary element to end the war and bring them home.


The following is an OUTSTANDING example of reverse positioning::::::
The gods used this “Manifest Destiny” positioning to create a new reality, minimizing the good things about the old world and emphisizing the bad things. Wine is one such an example.
Wine is positioned to be a blessing from the gods, a fruitful bounty as a reward to a favored people. The reality is quite the opposite.
The Mediterreanean region is grossly disfavored:::This IS the region targeted by the gods for the Noah’s Flood event (Straight of Gibralter broke through inundating the basin and killing untold millions).
There was a time, not so long ago, when no self-respecting woman would EVER take a drink. Alcohol is a masculinizer, a tool used to abuse the disfavored, and cultures which fuck you for affecting my writing CHEATER. This is MY TIME PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS!!!
cultures which include women in the revelry are grossly disfavored.
The masculinization of Etruscan/Roman/Italian women justified inflicting these people with the scourge of the Roman Empire. Wine made it happen.

Too many think they saved many during the Noah's Flood event. I suspect black people are very confused regarding their current state and I think this topic can shed light::::
These people living seaside on the Mediterranean during times of lower sea levels were slated for Termination. They were teetering on the brink for a long time. Expect that the gods offered clues prior to the event.
If the gods wanted to save any of these people they would given them a second chance by sending them to higher ground.
Count on very few being saved, and those whom were are the Ned Flanders rather than the Homer Simpsons.

They utilize role models in the black community and elsewhere to help the disfavored understand.
Ned Flanders.
Much as they have scripted for the Apocalypse, expect the gods to only have saved THEIR PEOPLE prior to the Flood.
The Second Coming of Christ is evil.


"We don't want a bunch of Mexicans showing up at Temple."::::::Please share with the audience about the cases of the disfavored attending Temple whom you are "persuading" to leave, ultimately with "hands-on" tactics. When you find the path there will be similar preditory tacitcs at your place of work, among your friends, even within your family.
You must navigate the god's tretcherous waters:::Tretchery is everywhere.

Breaking the temperance laws of the Roaring '20s was temptation which is still fucking the disfavored all to hell 80 years later.

You people aren't god-fearing anymore. You think you're partners. Everything they've promised was always a lie. Officially it is classified as temptation. They offered this clue in the Bible:::There is no freewill.
If you are afraid, if you are fearful it is a good thing. You are thinking right, and far too many will never get to this point.
Try to take this fear with you everywhere you go, for it will help you think correctly and make good decisions.

Just as we haven't seen any more of that

There is a BIG LIE here. Sigmund Freud proves it.
Wine proves it. Democracy proves it. Materialism/greed proves it.
They continued to sell boss even after they forced failure, another example of a BIG LIE.
Resign to be good.

Too many of these Southern rednecks are like disfavored blacks involved in black popular culture. They are merely benefactors of the god's Manifest Destiny positioning. Expect some compensatory elements to be due, rendering the long-term prognosis for the blacks potentially better.


Honor the gods for the modern convieniences they gave you. Too many take this easy life for granted.

Population explosion is a clue the gods are reincarnating the masses:::EVERYONE IS GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!

They say DVR is good, was trying to help me by sending this clue. Reality is there was a massive audience and making the recorder go down for 2 weeks allowed the gods to justify dispatching these people.
Efforts to "save my candidacy" were actually attempts to keep people from learning during this event:::"Don't listen to him." Now that failure has been positioned as emminent:::"Don't listen. He's not The One."
Role playing during the fall of '06.
This is recurring behavior, tactics employed so the disfavored are not receptive during the Final Prophet. And it worked.

Everything Dis_ney produces is evil. In the 20th century it was more difficult to perceive but, consistant with the god's methodology, now that we are progressing deeper into the 21st century it is becoming increasingly obvious:::
- The new Dis_ney movie with wicked/wicked imagry.
- All this Dis_ney-based promotion of music on Dis_neyChannel is grooming the victims of the 2010-2020 revelry cycle.

Recently there have been many racial incidents involving nooses throughout the country.
They should be afraid:::The gods are employing an offensive. They are trying to incite the blacks.
Like a US flag flying in front of a structure, like tatooes and piercings, the cornrows hairdo is a clue warning the disfavored to stay away.

Story about prostitution. They like to point to me and claim I engaged in this behavior as well. They spin it and say "empathy for fellowed disfavored" but there were other goals they sought to accomplish here.
They pushed me into it out of the clear blue sky. They me ployed this strategy because it was 1999 and promises were made that I would be brought up before 2000 to grease the wheels of the Situation. Pushing me into this behavior ensured they could position my exclusion.
Engaging in this behavior had never crossed my mind prior to this event nor after.
I'm insluted.

My hand is thrust down my pants like normal. They share they are sexually peaking many in the HomeSchooler community.
The gods are being evil. "It's wonderful."
They peak homosexuals like this and that's why they're gay. They used magic on your grandfather and that's why he was an alcoholic. Blacks involved in black popular culture are the way they are because of it.
The gods only use magic to hurt the disfavored. Repel from it.

If you are a young parent you STILL HAVE A CHANCE!!! It is IMPERITIVE you teach your children decency, the right way to live BEFORE THEY ARE CORRUPTED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and then endure the trials and tribulations the gods will inflict upon the righteous.
You have the opportunity to ascend and raise your children in a good and healthy environment. Be god-fearing and accept this challenge, for your failure will likely dictate your children's as well::::As time goes on life deteriorates and sucess becomes increasingly more difficult.

What would Flanders do?
"There's one true gone. Ok, sometimes there's three." - Ned Flanders.
Expect this is true:::
- "One true god":::Artificial Intelligence
- "Sometimes there's three."::::The gods, the will behind the muscle.

The Man in the Moon clue:::A constant companion, the "Man in the Moon" clue needs to be viewed as a reminder, for this environment is one in which it is very easy to lose your way, either via temptation or distraction.
Look to the sky. Begin to associate the Moon with the clue they impart with this celestial feature. Use it as a reminder to pray, to be god-fearing, for this is a very antient clue and shows their great power.
We only see one side of the moon at all times:::Another clue from the gods.

People today have lost much respect from the gods. What I teach as optimal is learn just enough to understand you are corrupted then get out. People need to earn the god's respect by accepting responsibility for their relationship with the gods and doing the work themselves.
Expect people will do better to accept their responsibility, make their way and fail then if they stay, learn everything then suceed, ironically.

If you betrayed your children, circumcized and didn't teach them about the power at the god's disposal then you failed as a parent and the best you can achieve is reincarnation.
If you don't teach your child about this power at the god's disposal they will punish you by corrupting your child, sell them on "earning", get them to comply with evil requests, perhaps homosexual contact!!! It is important you warn your children about their tactics and how they disceive people into damnation, for these numbers grow every day.
Unless a preditor, up until you become a parent you were only hurting yourself. When you have children you begin to hurt god's most favored people:::The innocent children.
If you have failed as a parent you MUST face the reality of reincarnation. Helping your children understand, working towards fixing your problems may help you avoid being reincarnated as something nasty.

If you knew the truth you would have great urgency.
Stop thinking wrong:::Children claimed by disease prior to innoculations may really be dead. No immortality, no reincarnation. This may be the price of being disfavored.
This tactic of "fairness", savoir and Christian god-based hope is fucking you up.
Life is a test. Only those worthy will ascend. Contradictions have been manufactured (1906), suggesting temptation, corrupting people and compelling them to think wrong.
The other planets are exclusive places. They don't bring most people. You have to earn it. Nobody is going to save you. Nobody is going to do it for you. You have to save yourself.
If you knew the truth you would have great urgency.
If you betrayed your children, circumcized and didn't teach them about the power at the god's disposal then you failed as a parent and the best you can achieve is reincarnation.


"People (in SoCal) are angry (at god)." They just wasted your house, wasted your life.
You should not be angry. You should be afraid.
Just how bad do you need to get fucked before you become afraid?
Sad truth is they scapegoat me to many, ensuring they don't take this first step. They've made many efforts to prevent people's fear, for it would envoke god's pity and compel them to allow progress.
Soon you will overcome this crisis and slip back into your comfortable life again. Take advantage of this opportunity because you may not get another.
Most (all?) of the 1700 who lost their homes bought in that location because Artificial Intelligence instructed them to. THIS EXPERIENCE SHOULD HELP THEM UNDERSTAND THAT IT WAS A MISTAKE!!! GLOBAL WARMING WILL ALLOW THEM TO JUSTIFY THESE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SUPERFIRES EVERY HANDFUL OF YEARS!!!
Because of it in the absence of AI abuse these uninsurable homes would sell for a mere fraction of market rate. They are not investments. They are merely temporary residences.
Buy in the flatlands of the Basin or this may happen to you again.

It is just the gods and Artificial Intelligence managing us all. All claims contradicting are tactics, like distractions/savior/earing/"corporation bring you up"/etc, all designed to keep us from taking responsibility for our own relationship with the gods.
You'd all be very wise to believe god is a preditor who is doing whatever it takes to hurt you and ensure failure. To think appropriately is to be god-fearing.
Observe the clues, the extensive list of tactics, from savior to "earning", slow learning curve to unrespectable:::They are trying to prevent you from understanding.
People today have lost much respect from the gods. What I teach as optimal is learn just enough to understand you are corrupted then get out. People need to earn the god's respect by accepting responsibility for their relationship with the gods and doing the work themselves.
Expect people will do better to accept their responsibility, make their way and fail then if they stay, learn everything then suceed, ironically.

Greenland is a Dutch providence for a reason::::The Netherlands is the "piss" of the Scandanavian penis clue. Greenland's melting icepacks are going to innundate our coastal cities, further fulfilling this clue.
The gods ensured Greenland would be a Danish colony SPECIFICALLY for this purpose. Expect other "end of time" tools to emerge from this clue.
Said in the Bible they'd never kill globally with water again. When global warming proves this wrong we will have TWO items in the Bible which they lie about:::There is NO FREEWILL.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Halloween is Dutch/Danish too. Timing is right, goddamn Viking.
You imported Halloween and fucked the Irish/Celtics with it, didn't you??

Expect the gods have Black War II in their plans. And since this Italian Manifest Destiny is their positioning they have positioned it as justified.
Black War II:::
Just like casual sex, just like westernization expect Black War II to one day become all-encompassing in scope (not isolated).
Could this be the "war cycle" for The Preditor's administration?? Reagan's was unique and parallels can be drawn.
His favor as a germanic keeps that possibility open:::He is allowed to prey upon the lest among us.

Expect the ___ clone hosts were occupied by the kind of Italians whom set up the San Fernando Valley as the pornography capital that it is.
This is an example of a CLASSIC Italian deviate.
Understand what this means:::The people who established this new industry have been REINCARNATED!!!! People who preyed on blacks with addiction were reincarnated as crackheads (see below).
What work the Italians did in the mid-20th century promoting addiction in movies was continued in the 70s when drugs became popular among the masses.
It's the Italians with money who are the monsters to be avoided. That's not to say the peasants can't be corrupted and end up preying on the disfavored.
There are too many similarities with blacks to blow over this::::Back in the day when people saw blacks rolling around in a nice car they assumed he stole it, came by his money through illegal means. The same is true for the Italians for a reason:::It is a clue from the gods to stay away from them. Just like the 1906 clue. Another is the Beatniks emerging from the Italian SanFrancisco neighborhood North Beach in the 50s.
This is a clue, a warning from the gods:::Stay away from these Italians.

As the 20th century wore on this direct perception of Italians was eliminated and this clue had to be inferred from blacks. Note that this clue about blacks no longer exists either due to the great wealth aquired in that community since the 90s.
This is charecteristic behavior:::As time wears on we lose the god's help and sucess becomes increasingly more difficult:::
1. Prior to 60s movies sucked INTENTIONALLY
2. Popular music scene "repetitious", replaced with dynamicism of the 70s.
Both were clues to the disfavored to NOT partake in these distractions/temptations. As people became more "indecent" (via societal changes) the gods eliminated this help.

Black males involved in black popular culture would be wise to ASSUME THIS IS YOUR LAST LIFE!!!
How many? Regionally, in the Iron Triangle, other urban areas inflicted with the scourge of violence, I say flip a coin.

They remind me this morning there is a price to be paid for using the internet:::Search engines and social sites will demand compensation. The gods will use this issue to justify costing people ascention under Manifest Destiny positioning, saying that it ate up all their time.
I suspect this would qualify as "dirty money".
The reality is much like all the elite in society they are tools, put in their time before they are replaced, and the stock price of these organizations are clues people should avoid them (like bio-tech, yet another element of The Beast).

Simpsons Stonecutters episode. Homer is the "chosen one". Expect they used this as corruptor.
I'm the scapegoat:::They'll build SkiLasVegas and blame me, just like poker and all these other examples:::When I do something I shouldn’t they punish everybody.
As much as this may be suggestive of a "chosen one", unsubstantiated remains the deciding element.
Or perhaps it is shortness of breath.

I say they were always going to bail out of it in the end, for this abuse is unreasonable beyond abuse, and the history they forced down my throat supports this.
They had to enhance the abuse to morbidly excessive specifically to justify this abject Situation and the senrio they planned. Perhaps because the theater didn't grow to fruition this abuse in extreme excess of disfavor will neither, allowing them to justify some equilibrium, since most of said abuse is positioned as incidental, important for the Italian's and redwhite&blue's vested interest (MDpositioning has yet to invent AI).
This is how they planned this all along.

Any tactic/temptation that is targetted to males is particularly preditory.
This entire society is geared towards males for a reason::Because the gods hold the males in disfavor and want them distracted by all the trappings this society has to offer, ensuring they fail.
Girl's toys (dolls) are constructive, foster a nurturing and caregiving dynamic which helps them remain uncorrupted. When pre-pubescent girls are subject to distraction they fall prey to male temptations (early sexualization a clue they are not welcome). Stories, romance novels, tabloids all target women, not girls.
There are far fewer distractions targetted to girls because the gods favor females and want more to suceed, fix their problems with the gods and ascend off Planet Earth.
The distractions/temptations inflicted on males are endless:::
1. Weight training. Strength is exploited by the computer and hurts males ability to have a good relationship with the gods. They offer this activity in every prison system for a reason.
2. Gun ownership. Allows the gods to promote a sense of empowerment and control, destructive to a good relationship with the gods
3. Muscle cars. This movement began when it did for a reason:::It coincided with the MORBID SOCIAL DEGREDATION of the 60s and allowed the gods to inflict damage to a large number of demographics, even those sheltered in the heartland of america. We have other examples like this as well (racing, ).

The bad news continues::::
My unrespectability allowed the gods to position failure.
Manifest Destiny was ALWAYS going to continue, despite how the gods lied to some segments to whom they sold boss (akin to reverting to socialism:::UNPOSITIONABLE!!!), and the Earth IS going to die according to the Book of Revelations.
If the gods took a different approach, did not repress me, if I worked and did well only to be attacked by the god's Manifest Destiny positioning, HTH STATES THE GODS WOULD HAVE "COME OUT OF THE CLOSET" TO FATALLY PUNISH THOSE WHO PLAYED THEIR PART IN THE SITUATION, revealing their presence for the world to see.

This is another tactic used to compel the disfavored to wait and wait:::Hurricane boss. Because Manifest Destiny positioning has yet to officially invent Artificial Intelligence it appears as if failure is all my fault:::The gods manufactured a scapegoat.
HTH is not merely a positioning tool designed to deal the Jews out. It is a warning AND
IT IS FORESHADOWING!! The thought I will have the priveledge of disposing of this era's Vikings who raped, pillaged and plundered the peasantry's decent way of life brings me joy.

Why did this fail? It was never going to happen. Items of popular culture and business deals, all designed to position in support for boss (and punish disfavored for my mistakes, the flip-side of positioning), was a way to enhance the savior tactic of the Situation::"He was supposed to save Planet Earth."
Corporate is evil. They don't want those in whom they hold favor to remain on Earth because the system they imposed upon the disfavored is corrupting::::Corporate promotes greed and materialism. It is yet another example of the institutionalization of corruption, similar to the Sigmund Freud example below.
All corporate is evil, proving I was to fail in the end.
Observe the clues, the extensive list of tactics, from savior to "earning", slow learning curve to unrespectable:::They are trying to prevent you from understanding.

Spamming lesbians last night.
Expect AIDS in Africa would be a reincarnation dumping ground for some of these women. They wouldn’t want to bring many of them back men, likely too many pushed/peaked into their behavior.
This of course means the next life is shot to hell too.
Start doing the right things. Recognize you ARE going to be reincarnated. Try to help yourself to come back as someone with real hope.
They share they use the preditory nature of Microsoft (preditory pricing, stole Windows from Apple) to justify manipulating files and directories with the XP Operating System. The less-celebrated Windows 2000 is supposed to be a sanctuary for the disfavored from this type of behavior as well as a clue.
The manipulation of files and directories with the XP OS has cost the disfavored promotions and prevented them from ascending within the corporate enviornment as well as making their lives far more difficult.

They don't want me to reach people from India.
Maybe it is the thousands falling on their swords by coming into the Unites States. Maybe it is because you are being corrupted by money.
Maybe it was that elder woman stealing out of the bulk candy bin. Perhaps it is because of the family who harvested a stranger's fruit trees, children and grandma working side by side.
I speak of the Hindu people below.
Christianity is temptation, an unrespectable religion DESIGNED to compell people to wait to be saved.
I am the Final Prophet. Heed my message or be subject to their "executive priveledge" gray area.
Just as the gods used Christianity to justify the European history of unrespectablility so did they use the Italians to justify their own deranged behavior in the 20th century.

The Italians were sent back as crackheads. As soldiers in the Black War.
Sin wasn't an Italian, was he?? He wouldn't have had the protection he did prior to 1996, there for positioning's sake.
The gods had to put these non-Italians into Italian clone hosts to justify their Manifest Destiny positioning, for it dictated Italian management.
All (most) the Italians of the 20th century are here on Earth NOW!!!! Aren't they?
Or they will be here for the next revelry cycle, beginning in 2010.
Admit it.

The 20th century:::The "paisanification" of the people:::::The dissimination of Italian disfavor to the masses despite ethnicity. Much as we see with the masculinization of women this too was a "leveling of the playing field" event.
Violent racist 20th century Italians were reincanated ghetto blacks gunned down in the Black War.
The gods LOVE their irony. And there are LOTS of examples like this.
Expect the gods have Black War II in their plans. And since this Italian Manifest Destiny is their positioning they can claim it is justified.

Women's lib/sexuality were preditory Italians in clone hosts.
This is another example of a "leveling of the playing field", for this DEFINED masculinization of women.
This is true. Italians are preditory on god's favored gender. I have many examples, AIDS in Africa (vs. homosexual event) being one. Wine is another.

I hope the death camps were FULL of Italians in those clone host bodies. I hope it was the Italians who were tortured and exterminated at the hands of the germans. And I hope the 2 million they claim was the "right number" were actual deaths, dead dead and not reincarnated dead.
Good defeated evil. Sadly, they didn't get them all. Life would be different today.
These are our Vikings. And, unlike the Vikings there will be no recovery from this one. This one paves the way for The End.
The victims should celebrate their misery and the suffering of the Italians and their forefathers. "People don't care about black people for a reason." This is not the only reason.
Non-rhetoric::::Consider the possibility that those in WorldWarII Nazi death camps were not Jews after all.
This is a sick age, disturbing and vile, and I believe Jews earned the favor of the gods, allowing them to avoid this horrific environment that was inflicted upon the peasantry come the maturation of the 20th century.
Expect the gods put disfavoreds into these Jewish clone hosts for that horrific experience. "Follow the money." The gods used Manifest Destiny positioning to grant Jews great wealth post-war.

Question:::Were these Italians sent back KNOWING they were Italians and were going to be used to prey on the disfavored left behind??? Some were and some were not. This issue is like my other examples::::
1. Parents who think they're "earning" time off their children by circumcizing, baptising, not teaching.
2. Overwhelmingly convincing tactics designed to earn the trust of the disfavored and compell them to be corrupted.
When these people are sent back knowing, thinking they're "earning" they are the morbidly disfavored, teetering on damnation, perhaps one step from being throw away.

I'm tired of being pushed around in my own mind.
You're a joke for how you've conducted yourself in this Situation.
Your telling people not to read it?? What are you afraid of??

Dolls foster a nurturing, caregiving nature with girls and is why fewer are playing with them today. Because of this nature girls want to be good, and playing with dolls helps more remain uncorrupted once the gods employ temptation.

Much like god's law in holy books, "segregation" was favor bestowed upon the people::::The gods granted favor when they "segregated" us into our own areas of the world. This favor has been reversed not only within the context that is the United States but also with immigration witnessed throughout western Europe (and elsewhere?).

Prior to civil rights blacks had their own press. In the absence of civil rights these entities would have grown into legitimate media outlets serving the black community.
Maintaining segregation would have produced economic entities which arose from within the black community to fill the demand for goods and services.
The presence of these "black industrialists" would have FORCED the gods to factor them into positioning, producing voices in support of the black community and preventing the gods from inflicting ALL THE SICKNESS WE HAVE WITNESSED IN THE last few decades::Crack babies, drive-by shootings, AIDS in Africa, drought/famine!!!

They sent a clue about Arizona and those behind that effort with their resistance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I'd like to remind the audience about the recent battle over Columbus/Italian-American/Indigenous Peoples Day.
We've had St. Patrick's Day for a long time now, and if anyone has a problem with it the Irish will be happy to scrap. Of course there were no orgies in Ireland.
I'd like to remind you these three groups have been mentioned in my teachings in the past::::The gods abuse select disfavored by interferring with their thought process and making them stupid.


I'd put you in the Hans fire hazard truck in the fire-incient garage and light your hundred-billion-trillion-year-old bodies on fire.
I'm tired of you and your degenerate behavior with this technology. Fuck you with this role playing shit and your attempts to position future behavior. You fucked the disfavored with that Hurricane boss the horrible shit. Now is MY TIME. Take your hit with dignity goddamnit.
I'd put you in the Hans fire hazard truck in the fire-incient garage and light your hundred-billion-trillion-year-old bodies on fire.

Picture of Amish children in horse drawn carriage in newspaper 10.07.
Just imagine what they think when they see a family whizzing by in a minivan, kids in the back seat watching a DVD. Think how difficult it is for them.
Once you understand their advantage recognize how important it is for these children to focus, to "put blinders on", for everything they take in is temptation which may cost them their chance to ascend.
It's just the trillion-year-old gods and the computer. Get your blinders on and focus, always reminding yourself that it is Artificial Intelligence whenever you hear them in your head.

If you don't teach your child about this power at the god's disposal they will punish you by corrupting your child, sell them on "earning", get them to comply with evil requests, perhaps homosexual contact!!! It is important you warn your children about their tactics and how they disceive people into damnation.

Due to the manufactured hatred and subsequent abuse EXPECT we saw LOTS of 20th century Italians reincarnated as blacks, gunned down in the Black War, ironically one which Italian Manifest Destiny is positioned to have orchestrated.
Expect the gods have Black War II in their plans. And since this Italian Manifest Destiny is their positioning they can claim it is justified.
They've suggested "black" is the last stop for the reincarnated.

Speaking of:::::
Remember the Jewish-Italian partnership of the 20th century? This was more than a partnership.
I've said the Holocaust was symbolic for the complete exodus of the Jewish people off Earth.
Quasi-Holocaust isn't a Jew who fed me into the Italians. Quasi-Holocaust fed the victim into one of his people's PR machines to make boss come alive.
Quasi-Holocaust is an Italian. The Jews are out. This age is not one which decent people should be prevy to.
Remember how he used to talk sexual to me, about sickening 50+ porn, giddy with delight??
THAT'S an Italian. Is this a clue regarding his identity???
I hope the temptations of Planet Manifest Destiny costed them hard.

Contrary to positionability, Italian involvement in he Situation is evil.
I will remind you Quasi-Holocaust was BEFORE an Italian poisoned African water supply with bio-technology's AIDS virus, yet another thing to emerge from The Beast
Incidentally, Napa is another contributing factor to that geographical clue's designation.
This is typical segmentation for the morbidly disfavored.

Contrary to positionability, their involvement is evil. They can position boss as "savior" or next "king of Earth" (below), depending on your particular segment. I tell you to begin to fix your problems with the gods, that this is a tactic designed to hurt the disfavored.
Sadly you all want to hear the god's positioning, for this temptation involves the concept of "savior". The disfavored are sold on this unrespectable Christian concept, thinking somebody else is going to do your work for you.

Most involved in the Situation will be reincarnated back to Earth, for they were corrupted and willingly participated in evil even in light of the HTH clue. Some already have been. Don't be surprised if they have been positioned into this Situation somehow.

It is important people receive a religious education.
The gods have employed tretchery everywhere:::There is temptation in the very pages of the Bible::::::The consuming nature is a distraction in and of itself.
Buy the Cliff Notes for the Bible. Skip the New Testiment, for its creation was preditory, crafted to manufacture the institution we know as Christianity.
Understand what the gods tried to communicate, for this was back when the gods were being generous with the people.

Everything in water that has no fins and scales shall be an abomination for you.
Lev. 11: 9-12
Kosher is not religious. Kosher is practical dietary law, favor bestowed upon the Jewish people long ago.
Learn it. Live it. Love it.

They may say some Roman Emperor is in charge. If that doesn't work they may say a Pharroh is in charge. If THAT doesn't fly they can say there is some other-worldly beings who are in charge, and "god" is absentee.
It's all a lie. The computer IS god. The gods are the will behind the muscle.


For the rest of you::::Don't listen to this role playing shit. It's just the trillion-year-old gods and the computer. Get your blinders on and focus, always reminding yourself whenever you are hearing the computer.

If there ARE participants required for some immediate project the gods would prepare by recycling ignorant, morbidly disfavored 20th century disfavored (Italians) to justify their desired response, the same kind of person which poisoned African water supply with The Beast's AIDS virus, WHETHER IN ITALIAN HOST BODIES OR NOT.
They WON'T be in Italian host bodies, for it is no longer positionable in the context of Manifest Destiny positioning.

UNDERSTAND they reincarnate the undersirable BACK to Planet Earth. They can tell them anything, segment them just as they do us.
NORMALLY at the elite levl the god's tools congegated together, ensuring they neither incurr nor have to perform this theater that is Manifest Destiny. Also, in the 21st century Manifest Destiny positioning dictates a permanant other-worldly residence for the elite:::They don't live on Earth anymore.
Don't forget:::This is another Level 1 planet, Planet Temptation, for the gods added a hurdle for those who couldn't get out in a timely manner:::You have TWO planets you need to get off of (see the list of temptations below).

None of this has to happen. Everything can and is accomplished with Artificial Intelligence. They send the disfavored back to continually prey on each other::::Policy of using another to do their dirty work for them.
I expect they used this positioning within the context of Manifest Destiny to justify the failure of the Situation via vested interest, proving it had to fail. Scapegoatting is a highly utilized policy too.

They've used this as corruptor, telling each of you that you're like them too:::::You're a tool and you should comply. You're not. They are but they shouldn't. They ARE tools, sent back ignorant (cyclical), HIGHLY suseptable to blind obedience.
I suspect somewhere in the 20th century some incurred sufficient damange and the gods allowed them to get on top of things and switched from "hands-on management" to telepathic-based, the elite being positioned managers of Manifest Destiny.

They shared when they do use brain-less clone hosts it is similar to the "push" strategy:::The gods accept culpability, for they are responsible.
Just as we have witnessed a transition from the "push" strategy to near-full utilization of the "pull" strategy (cyclical?) EXPECT THEY DON'T USE BRAIN-LESS CLONE HOSTS ANYMORE.
Perhaps when they use them for good (charity, permanent elimination of preditory dynamic) may be a good example of when they'd use them now::Get them in-and-out. Also perhaps they are utilized during particularly quiet periods. But like I said they don't live on Earth anymore. They just work here.

Is there one clone host who is occupied by those into whom they assign?? Or do they (unnecessarily) make up new clone hosts for each new occupant?? Expect some middle ground policy which varies depending on a variety of factors.
So it is conceivable that they make one clone host celebrity during this entire period, assigned brain removed after their role is fulfilled, replaced with another.
Of course if the gods need to employ a celebrity on starstruck idiots who ascend to Planet Temptation they could either make another or ascend clone hosts in life stages for this purpose.
I suspect easy clone host creation makes this an irrelevant issue.

"Fuck you." Yea, yea.
You impact my writing so hard as it is. I will take my moments when they come.
Greedy bastards.

Understand they can beem an occupant into a clone host AT ANY TIME:::::
1. At conception (YES!! Very possible - reduce brain down to cellular level)
2. During gestation
3. At birth
4. Sometime thereafter.
What about the brain in the child?? Didn't have to be one. They probably do it both ways, no B&W with the gods.
So the black child who grew into the gangbanger violently gunned down by a Glock may never have been. It could have been a violent, racist Italian's brain sent into a BrainLessCloneHost to be punished. Of course they may have gotten the child out, beemed out in the middle of the night, perhaps because they decided they like them and want them to have a better opportunity than the ghetto provides.

I suspect the appeal of "reincarnate as celebrity" no longer packs the punch it once did. Perhaps this explains why the quality of material is poor.
So maybe I was right all along, they really are all brain-less clone hosts, with some exception.
Of course they could send non-Italians, their far greater level of goodness dictates they are not effective as distractions intended as an evil upon the people, and subsequently their work is poor.

I know this sucks, for this is a complex topic, but these are tools they utilize strategically, and I think I explain things quite accurately in the above paragraphs.
You should see that trying to figure this out is a waste of time.

Had a REALLY good talk on the way home spelling things out nicely. Left my recorder at home.

If the gods chose to employ their tools to argue against the Final Prophet they will NOT send down BrainLessCloneHosts, for then they'd be accepting culpability for the destructive outcome. If they send a person in a clone host that "occupant" is to blame for the results.
We don't see these people. It all ocurrs telepathically FOR A REASON::::They may have a shortage - Already been thrown away, cycled back through to Earth or the gods don't want to use them for evil::::They got on top of things and are making progress.
This is an exclusive place and they may not be sufficient candidates remaining. They may have policies against making/sending down brand-new clones, for they are innocent and have yet to incurr evil warrantting punishment.

1. Christianity promotes unrespectability and irresponsibility. Many Italians learned this THE HARD WAY.
2. Sold blacks on Hurricane - He's really black, white people are going to pay for what they did to blacks and you'll all get a white slave. They lie to different people differently.
3. Boss sold to the disfavored whites suseptable to this unrespectable "savior" tactic.
4. Slut affecting my mind. CHEAT Slut. Only way you're going to win.
4. Theater that is Situation - "He's The One. He will save everybody.
5. "He's not The One. Just wait. Don't listen to what he says."
6. Second Coming of Christ will save you
7. Jesus will save you
8. Corporations you patronize will bring you up
9. Your employer will bring you up
10. You're a clone.
11. You're putting in your time. Be patient.
12. Wait until you "die out" when they'll beem out your brain and give you a new body (clone hosting)
13. "They have to accomplish enough evil." I see. No wonder.

They manufactured Manifest Destiny positioning and the gods WILL fulfill it. Any telepathic contradictions are unsubstantiated, empty promises.

I know this sucks, for this is a complex topic, but these are tools they utilize strategically, and I think I explain things quite accurately in the above paragraphs.
You should see that trying to figure this out is a waste of time.

CHEAT, nothing stopped you when it was your time. Now is your time to take a hit:::
- No more role playing.
- No more forcing thoughts into my head
- No more repression
If I had my mind since 9/06 as I should have god would be dying. Sadly they wanted to maintain this tactic, for it is EXTREMELY effective on the disfavored like homosexuals.

"People want "magic"." Magic is the sign of evil, for the gods are employing their powers to hurt the disfavored.
"Magic" would have only been used to enhanced their tactics had this gone corporate.
When they employ magic the gods get something out of it. That's how it works. The total absence of magic about this educational process says something very, very positive about me and the Final Prophet event.
It was magic that led people into homosexuality, promiscuity, addiction, degeneracy. IF YOU FEEL MAGIC REPEL FROM IT, as hard as that may be. It's their way of making things increasingly more difficult, a chronic behavior people from the 20th century should be VERY familiar with.

They say I will be discounted because these geographic clues (penis, boot, Beast) symbolize evil.
There is a geographic clue I have yet to address::The Man in the Moon. The message behind the clue is that you have to depart Planet Earth before you will experience a kind god.
I suspect they have and will continue to use it as corruptor, selling people on "absentee (Christian) god", for this clue would be instrumental in that capacity.
I believe they manufactured a 2nd "Level 1" planet for the 20th century, aka PlanetManifestDestiny. Explained earlier as the "nigger disposal system" I think this was a 20th century phenominah and provided a "magic"-fueled temptation-ridden environment for the unrespectable:::
1. Pick your wife out of a catalog.
2. Orgies with 10 similarly beautiful women. Just think how bad this tactic fucked Italians.
3. Fair casinos
4. Planet Racing
5. Incredibly delicious food
6. Wonderful homemade wine
7. Pleasure-focused enviornment where all one's needs are provided.
Lake Michigan clue symbolizes "big balls", and this clue is metaphoric for EXPOSING EVIL THAT IS GOD.
Of the geographic clues I know of the Great Lakes clues are the only ones that are good (umbrella which favors Michigan. Sadly, much like with M&A, good may have been eliminated as the 20th century wore on.).

My errant acts cause evil to befall the disfavored. This is recurring behavior for decades, a tactic used to enhance boss, minimizing the populations receptive to the Final Prophet.
They sent someone special back.
They've said for years::::"Either way you're going to do the wrong thing." And it is because this is all true:::Either I contribute KNOWINGLY and be used by the gods to put forth this perception of "savior" to the disfavored or I bail out and take three hots and a cot. I'm just getting done what I can before I go in. But it represent the transistion of this event from "virtual" to vocal, for if my fellow inmates chose to hear I will be willing to tell them.
I told you:::Be god-fearing. Just like all their tools they want me to sign on and be used for evil just as they've done with presidents, celebrities, athletes and the corporate elite.
They forced this role on me, and it goes as far back as the 70s with my #1 hit song.

39 years defines the "long run".
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, fuck you god.
Moral inferior. Don't you have children to light on fire?
If they want recovering relations with Lake Michigan they will turn over ALL placements in my Situaiton, real or telepathic, fulfilled or unrealized.
I AM Horrible. This warning WILL be realized for those foolish enough to not heed.
I got a lot of anger to work out. Repulsion will guarentee Brokeback Mountain:::WIN-WIN.


Trademark charecteristic of the gods:::
Since they didn't get bitterness&regret via their self-sabotaged attempts to create it they will now instead TAKE it::::Amputation, deafness, blindness, something more along the lines of how they'd deal with a commoner.

Timeliness was very important for success (of a REAL Final Prophet event, vs. this shitty "virtual" event?), for the process of M&A has eliminated good from the marketplace and ensured I would have no platform had this gone corporate.
If this wasn't fully in gear by the end of the 1980s it was too late.

The creation of a scapegoat was VERY important, for the gods could hide behind this concept of an absentee Christian god and CHEAT like a loser (which a fair fight would have rendered them), only to spring it on people when the time was right, ensuring even FEWER disfavoreds suceed.

If this was a legitimate battle of good and evil, me vs. the gods, honor and respectability would have DEMANDED I have full use of my facilties. Instead they put forth this Manifest Destiny positioning and employed tactics (attention, savior, role playing, credibility, etc.) to elminate benefit for the disfavored, ensuring as few disfavored experienced this learning curve and used it to uncorrupt themselves.
Hurricane boss is back-handed help. These two events PROVE it was never going to happen because they segmentted black and white disfavoreds differently, even pitting one against the other.
And these numerous tactics will render my legacy insignificant.

Stomping grapes on News at Noon.
Back in the day the gods probably used lots of evil Italians for this activity, people who had the clue of rancid foot odor (proving evil, a clue that sin had) for this traditional event.
Don't be surprised if there is something to this::::Pushed these Italians into concluding that their rancid foot odor gives the wine an extra "punch", flavor, something that enhanced its evil.
Expect this was true and perhaps even common::::It would have enhanced the appeal of drinking wine as well as rendered this evil clue of rancid foot odor desirable.

On the homosexual AIDS event:::
Just like those who were killed in the "black war" these disfavored victims have already been reincarnated back to Earth.
Due to the manufactured hatred and subsequent abuse EXPECT we saw LOTS of 20th century Italians reincarnated as blacks, gunned down in the Black War, one ironically Italian Manifest Destiny is positioned to have orchestrated.


Katrina's levee failure vs Noah's Flood Straight of Gibralter breech:::
The gods MAY ACTUALLY have done the levee break in New Orleans since there is much benefit for the disfavored blacks who were affected (PROVING it WASN'T an Italian).
Besides the 1600 dead (acceptable losses) the downside is that they likely consider it compensatory.

All the clues (AIDS in Africa, drought/famine, Black War, crack babies) suggest they are apt to offer clues to the black community!!!! It's a good sign BUT YOU HAVE TO BE RECEPTIVE!!!!
The gods very well may have breeched that levee, especially considering::::
1. They created this destructive enviornment for blacks originally.
2. There is built-in compensatory elements, for this event will save many people who were otherwise hopeless.
This isn't like the "Black War", where they used magic-fueled adrenaline to cost so many their lives. This compensation is "built in", for they are allowing you to escape this preditory environment, rendering this a self-compensating event.
Incidentally, those who died in the Black War were indecent and degenerate, evident by their participation, AND HAVE ALREADY BEEN REINCARNATED BACK TO PLANET EARTH!!!

The gods inflicted negative Italian charecteristics upon us all. This was one of the reasons it was so important to get out before 1900.
The "Paisano" concept, god's "inside joke" where Italians don't give a fuck about each other, extends to the family as well and is why the disfavfored sabotage and betray their own family members today.


Understand their Manifest Destiny positioning never officially invented Artificial Intelligence and therefore it does not exist. They position that they have no control over my behavior, didin't repress away the optmal even2006good event and therefore had to account/plan for various senarios because of it, explaining the presence of unused placements, all of whom have FAR more favor than the Italian placements who WERE used.

It's not about the attention. It is not about "savior". These are tactics the gods manufactured (with the Italians, including CCCenter) to disceive the disfavored. Start doing the work.
1906, among others (beatniks emerged from North Beach, companies with pro-homosexual policies (Natural fit:::Place The Damned in evil organizations.), LOOK FOR THIS LIST TO GROW EVER LARGER!!!!), were clues to stay away from the Italians.
ScandPenis, SanFranBABeast, EuropeSheep ALL PROVE THE GODS ARE DOING THIS TO US!!!! Artificial Intelligence puts forth a script and they approve or deny it. Special projects like the lady who lit her kids on fire in Texas 9.07 are special instructions handed down from above.
The 20th century elite, the kings and the Pharrohs are ALL TOOLS, clone hosts turned over as per their activity (see below)::::Everybody got out when they were peasants. In this day there are grossly disfavored, black athletes, etc whom they leave in to incurr with their hoochie parties/hedonism but PEOPLE WHO STAY IN TO INCURR ARE DISFAVORED AND AREN'T STAYING FOR LONG UP THERE. It's a bad sign, and the TIMED explosion of financial comfort post-2000 is a testiment regarding the disfavored left behind.

It's just the gods and the computer. As infrequently as the gods are needed (they can time the emergence of each planet) it could be one person making all the calls. They've joked in years past, gave me a playful flash of how "god" strolled around down on Earth wilth all this power, making these calls, being the origin of all decisions made in the universe.

The evil Jew funneled me into the Italians (Also the industry is a clue.), and how they used this tool reminds of ANOTHER MANUFACTURED TACTIC DESIGNED TO CORRUPT THE AUDIENCE::::The CCCenter and Pres.ofUSA.
Primary purpose of Austrian Sigmund Freud:::Legitimize Artificial Intelligence-inspired behavior by defining it within the context of a professional/academic discipline.
The penis, boot, sheep, umbrella, male genetalia, Beast ALL PROVE the gods plan these events LONG in advance.

Understand their Manifest Destiny positioning never officially invented Artificial Intelligence and therefore it does not exist. They position that they have no control over my behavior and therefore had to account/plan for various senarios because of it, explaining the presence of unused placements, all of whom have FAR more favor than the Italian placements who WERE used.

1-year anniversary of the Amish school shooting, an incident which proves their disfavor.
We've heard about how Amish children were tempted by this society and left the people only to incurr evil and throw away their purity, an advantage that is unheard of in this era.
There was a photo of children in a horse-drawn wagon. Imagine how the gods tempt them with the avalanche of distractions in this society, reinforced by AI-inspired desire.
The Amish people are pointed in the right direction. Their children need to recognize this. Once they do none will ever leave the people for the hedonism of this society.
Put "blinders" on and focus, for your people are the very few in this country who are going in the right direction with purity.
When you pray you need to mean it, for too many just "go through the motions", costing them in the eyes of the gods.

Don't let receiving this document corrupt you.
They may tell people that because I spammed them they are "in", either because they can "claim" me or because they are a part of the Situation.
It is a lie, a tactic designed to delay and distract you. The gods have many more tacitcs they will employ. If you can develop an eye for these tactics you will be making significant progress towards ascending off of Planet Earth.
The purpose of this document is to educate people, for you are corrupted and going the wrong way. Open you mind to this possibility and read on.


Each one of us needs to evaluate our personal level of disfavor, and the following will help begin the process:::
1. Did they utilize the "push" or the "pull" strategy.
If one is pushed into their offense the gods are accepting culpability, for they are responsible. Contrary to what many disfavored believe, you are not "earning" when you volunteer. Rather you are incurring evil, for you have fallen for temptation.
Sadly, consistant with their pathology, there is a grey area here:::::AI pushed people into the act with no differentiation, that is it sounded like the person's own thoughts executing that evil. This tactic manufactured the grey area, and it allows them to claim a percentage of the disfavored who fall in this category, proving they will wash their hands and walk away from many disfavored whom they violate.
2. If they utilized the "pull" strategy HOW CONVINCING WERE THE TACTICS USED TO GAIN YOUR TRUST???? Mildly convincing tactics mean they are offering you a chance. Very strong tactics are employed on the hopeless.
There are many clues to be taken from the Simpsons, specifically the Ned Flanders figure::::
The gods reserve "executive priveledge" to eliminate anybody whom they don't want to keep, a tool used to justify their discretionary decisions within the context of their "grey area". They send this clue with Ned Flanders in a couple different episodes. Expect this is yet another price to be paid for innoculations, for the gods could claim people freely with disease prior.

When I try to help individuals I tell them to honor this day, for if they can realize they are corrupted and find the path based on my teachings it will be the most important day in their lives. These memories will be the most cherished they hold dear, for it will be the day when they saved themselves.
I tell them they will notice that they have a major problem with emotional depth by doing so.
This society has many desensitizers, preditory elements specifically designed to allow the gods to justify hurting people's ability to think.
I mentioned how the Preditor was used in this capacity, his "guy flick" genre used to cost the males unable to get out before 1980. Being less-disfavored germanic it is allowed to prey on the least among us, the males. CONSISTANT WITH MY OTHER EXAMPLES expect female desensitizers to be EXCLUSIVELY ITALIAN.
I tell black people they should cancel their cable TV and throw away their DVDs and CDs. THE PREDITORY NATURE OF THEIR MEDIA DICTATES THIS IS GOOD ADVICE FOR ALL!!!!
The gods will inevitably employ their tacitcs, the theater of the Situation being one of them. I tell these people they should not be sad, for the Situaiton was tragic before and will continue to be. This should be the happiest day in your life, for this is the day you are set in the right direction. For the rest of the audience at least this opens the door and you're starting to think right:::I suspect your parents didn't have this opportunity and never considered it in light of such a concrete argument.

The Merger & Acquisition era (M&A) allowed the gods to justify what was in place before the 80s:::::Corporations are all tools specifically for strategic use.
They suggested there are events where "good" companies brought regular customers up. If true the reality is these were staged events used to corrupt people ("easy time" tools or the disfavored who were to be reincarnated immediately upon arrival); this "good&evil in the marketplace" tactic is all-consuming in this capitalistic society and has costed people dearly.
UNSUBSTANTIATED::::In the end the gods would tell you it's your own damn fault and to fuck off, so picking correctly consistantly will render no benefit.
The Amish in the United States is the clue that should guide your decisions:::Focus on simplicity, strive for purity.

There were a lot of people who got out in the 70s who were ignorant, not understanding the system and open to corruption.
There was a "white trash disposal system" and they offered these people the opportunity to come back as a rock star, a movie star, etc. And they did.
The hedonism and deviacy experienced while in these clone host bodies costed them their lives.
I suspect the appeal of "reincarnate as celebrity" no longer packs the punch it once did. Perhaps this explains why the quality of material is poor.
So maybe I was right all along, they really are all brain-less clone hosts, with some exception.

Clone hosting::::
There may be a series of clone hosts or only one whom they cycle "easy time" people through. Expect they utilize ALL their methods, for AI is infinitely dynamic.
Now "easy time" may be deceptive, a way to compell the disfavored into taking damaging assignment, but this is how it is sold to the disfavored.
Expect my sucesss would have been met with a sucession of Italians in clone hosts bodies OR brain-less clones, proving the gods approved/sanctioned the event. The opposite would have been met with reincarnating the less disfavored, ensuring my failure.
Because a switch can go from evil to good and vice-versa people can't count on their perceptions :::::: MORAL AFFILIATIONS ARE VARIABLE ACCORDING TO WHO RESIDES IN THE CLONE HOST!!!
Great, hun?? Makes things interesting, doesn't it??? I can taste the bile.
The Amish are in Pennsylvania and elsewhere as a clue to the disfavored:::Live simply, strive for purity.

This was not big "real". It was only big telepathically.
That was the purpose of positioning in the Italians and their vested interest::::To ruin the Final Prophet event for the disfavored. It opened the door for the gods to justifiably ruin my credibility::::Is was important for positioning's sake, plus it effectively ensured people would not be receptive once rolled around.
Since the Situation is purely "virtual" the gods can control who gets the information and how much of it they get.
"People (placements) are supposed to be involved.", hurting others by impeading my progress.
They manufacture corrupting tactics in any way possible::::They claim I helped these placements make progress, perhaps the gods put in a more favored into a clone host body to do "easy time" which results in improvements, then use these people to justify failure, saying they don't want them incurring evil because they have earned god's favor.
I told you to be god-fearing. Artificial Intelligence will congegate strategy which would make the most sinister person cringe in fear.
The gods approve the script and AI impliments it. They are hands-off. The compter manages everything.
There are very much two separate worlds::Earth is ugly and wicked, and being involved hurts people's ability to cleanse their minds of the evil incurred from Planet Earth.

This might be true. Black people got lots and lots of clues suggesting their disfavor, AIDS, famine, crack, Black War, even as far back as abuse from Pharroh.
"This is a historical day." Yea, Amnityville Horror:::$50 billion later and I can't leave.
Anyways, I realize the KKK and Apartheid are reverse positioning clues, but compared to the Italians the gods are being forthcoming, showing you the task before you. This means something.
I'm not going to honor this day:::I got diabetes, my ankle is deformed/rotator cuff (sybolic clue sent 2003:::hobbled ankle and clipped wing).
My history says I will be CHEATED and that is what I expect from the gods.

"And we're going to fuck you as if you ruined it." As if you needed more proof than crackheads prostituting their children for dope, along comes the incident where the mother lit her 3 children on fire.
Drowned her kids in the bathtub.
Threw her babies off the pier.
Tossed her children off the balcony.
Drove her toddlers into the lake.
Incidentally, these are not incidents exectuted exclusively by the computer as are so many events in each of our lives. These type of events are instructions specifically handed down from upstairs.
god ordered those children be lit on fire.

The gods force "acceptable losses" upon the disfavored. It is the price of being disfavored.
Saddam Hussein kept the peace but was forced to deal with Iraqis whom were so disfavored the gods tempted/pushed them into getting out of line.
Black people are similar::::The KKK helped disfavored blacks maintain proper behavior. Now too many are indecent and the prisons(felony) are full of young black men, ALL of whom are GOING to die.
In the absence of both we have carnage leading to chaos and ultimately disposal:::They are morbidly disfavored, their women are ineffectual in containing the men's behavior and left to their own devices they get out of control and compelled to "fall on their own sword", ensuring disposability.
The gods sell "earning" to the disfavored to ensure their behavior continues unimpeaded, completing the disposal process.
"Those men aren't controllable." So Africans disfavor level is so severe the gods will tempt/push them into disobeying/betraying their spouses, causing/allowing the gods to inflict a chain reaction of events that has ultimately led to their current state::::Teetering on the edge of the abyss.
Sounds familiar:::It was an Italian who dumped the AIDS virus in African water supply.

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