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February 09, 2006



wow, I agree with you so much. All the kids form the school I teach at live in the projects across the way, or the surrounding run down apartment buildings.

They know so much, yet they know so little. Their lives are filled with cursing, fighting, bullying, and more cursing. If they let down their guard, they get beat up. And most of the adults around them (including the school) do nothing to protect or help them.

He Who Can't

Thank you for your comment. I believe that schools could do more to help kids learn the social skills necessary to deal with other people and stressful situations. I think the school's ability to protect children is actually somewhat limited, no one wants to see children isolated or restrained in any serious way.
In my experience the kids who "have their guard up" are the ones who get into the most fights. What the kids need to learn is the difference between self-protection and provocaton. For example, is "Say it to my face!" protecting the kid?
In Random Family, Adrian LeBlanc describes seeing parents in the Bronc teaching their toddler, as soon as they can walk, to fight each other, explaining that they don't want their kid to get beat up. But they are programming the kids for a life of fighting at the drop of a dime. Look how quickly the kids will put up their fists, and the childlike glee on their faces when they "play fight."
Parents should be taught that is they teach their kids to fight, don't be surprised when the school suspends them for fighting. Schools should learn to discourage all violence, not just violence from "the one who started it" Teachers should instruct their students every day on how to solve conflicts without fighting.


the projects




I think that most people living in the projects are most likely to be come the ones hat fall in school. Most kids that grow up with out supervistion are the ones that get into gangs and things like that. I think something shuold be done about this. Most kid want attention that is why they act up. Trust me I know I was one of those kids but i learnd that if you mess up in highschool you will not make it in the world. It is tme to make a difference in the getto and in the lives of kids living in homes that are not good places to live.


people know what they feel they need to know...
what it means to you or them will vary.

rhondasha peterson

How do I apply to live and the projects

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