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March 18, 2007


Doyou have diabetes?  Did you eat ___ Oats?

The gods will use their tools to create the perception of evil rewarded then corrupt the disfavored with it.
It's important that you differentiate between your own thoughts and when the computer thinks through you.

The computer does the work and manages us all. It is the source of their power and enables them to control our lives. The computer IS god.
Ironically, god is middle management.


1. Italians
2. Latinos
3. Muslims
4. Mormons
5. Japanese
7. Other Catholic:::Irish, Philipino, Vietnamese?? Catholic women are masculinized.
Note the incredible wealth of some of these groups. The gods are using them as corruptors.

The clone hosting of Jesus.wav:::
Much as we saw with another Mediterreanean prophet Mohammed the gods switched Jesus (good) and placed evil within the clone host so the gods could accomplish their goals::::Polygamy/misogyny and the creation of "savior" via Christianity.
As I share:::Anytime the gods use their powers it is only to hurt you. "Miracles" are such an example. The gods only use their powers to disceive and mislead people as we all witness in different ways in each of our lives. Jesus's miracles are a clue the gods were preying upon the disfavored.
I suspect the teachings of good Jesus came in his 20s.
Every religion offers something which help people understand::: Reincarnation (Hindu), vengeful/wrathful god (Islam), etc.
If you are afraid it is a good sign, for the gods are helping show you the right way to think. Don't forget:::The gods lie to you, tell you Jesus is the "savior" but he floated up into the sky ALL ALONE!!! He didn't save the disciples nor his precious mother. This is a clue from the gods helping you understand that you have to save yourselves.

Too smart for your own good.wav:::::
You are the peasantry here on Planet Earth. You are mere mortals. You don't have the right to elevate yourselves to that of the gods, yet you do each and every day when you subscribe to the positioning Artificial Intelligence tempts you with.
Your child may in fact be Hitler reincarnated. But if you don't do the right thing, be the best parent you can and apply yourselves to the rearing of your children then your placement in the next life will reflect this abandonment of your children.
You are being cast into damnation. You have no business observing life "multi-dimensionally" as this example illustrates. It is as if you believe you are "on par" with the gods. No wonder there is no god fearingness anymore. You need to focus on being good and decent and be the best person you can be.
The gods want a full-blown Apocalypse and they're going to get it. Don't be a statistic. You're not worthy to look beyond this life. This is the life into which you've been placed.
You're too smart for your own good, and it may be the end of you.

"Intentional foreclosure":::::
Everything happens for a reason.
The gods LOVE justification. They want it in place to ensure their will is justified.
Intentional foreclosure MAY SUPPORT MY THEORY OF AN IMPENDING APOCALYPSE, for this intentional "preditation" upon corporate America via relinquishing of obligation is sufficient grouds for abandonment by Manifest Destiny come Judgement Day.
Expect other similar strategies to be employed throughout the marketplace::::"Would YOU buy that (returned) couch?"

"Expectations of god." "(Virtues of greed.)" That preditor might as well be preaching suicide::::Come and drink.
Kool-aide twice in one week. Who'da figured?
They sent you a clue about these tools in the 80s, the help of this "back-hand". Also promoted godlessness, multiple goals charecteristic of their methodology.
Just as "100 years", just as "no black employees" the gods instruct those residing within these clone hosts to incurr evil so as to send a clue/accomplish some goal.
They'll be on Earth for the Apocalypse for the evil they incurr, ironically. The gods will save which ones they chose, at their discretion.

The gods will use their tools to create the perception of evil rewarded then corrupt the disfavored with it.

My urgent need for my backpack reminds me how they stole mine out of my car. Incidentally, my most recent journal composition book was inside, so hopefully they are forthcoming about its contents, unexpected consistant with their charicteristically insufficient act of compensatory.

14 domesticable animals in the history of Planet Earth. None for Africa. In effect the gods were telling blacks:::::"Eat dirt."
Get a clue::::They don't like you. They're playing you for chumps.


John McCain is real as opposed to this polished phoniness we witness from the likes of Clinton and W, where we ultimately experience their covert evil when sprung upon the disfavored (1997-1998, warmongering, etc). Sadly we are subject to the variability of the god's tools so this could change dependant on the strategy the gods are implimenting. Example::::::I recall McCain being against the war. "100 years" is a way the gods can deliver the election to one of the two wrong candidates.
I liken John McCain to a Bob Knight. That they used their media to ridicule Bob Knight is a clue.
They placed and maintained Bob Knight for as long as they did to send a clue, helping people understand proper behavior. His disciplinarianism is important and hopefully helped the athletes he coached. Sadly, much like we witness in the general popluation, many likely resented him and therefore didn't learn from the wisdom the gods imparted with this figure.
Salvation Army is good. St. Anthony's enables.
That the Bob Knights are the exception rather than the norm combined with society's reaction to this individual says something about the direction of society and the status of the masses as a whole.

20 years McCain's junior, Hillary Clinton is far more wrinkly.
She's aging poorly.
People may say it's the extra pounds on McCain but the gods will offer clues in this manner.

I wonder if people understand the significance of the warmongering which the likes of Vietnam and Iraq brought us?
You are lowly like the Eutruscans, a group who made their living at it.
And you're both going to die for it:::The numbers from the RomanEmpire are poor. "Very poor." I'm hoping.
Remeber their incredible pride? The revenge they sought from those who crossed the RomanEmpire?
Fucking gorillas and their low brows, uncontrollable sex drive.
I celebrate their misery. I champion their demise.
If you wanted empathy you should have brought back Jesus. Horrible demands his enemies.

Dear god::::Please let me fuck you harder.
You suck.wav. "We’re going to let this happen." ie the fulfillment of their theater.
Despite everyone's recognition that society's elite are all fakes. Despite this heightened knowledge level by all.
I didn't reinforce your psychoanalysis positioning. I won't help you enforce your Christianity positioning either.
I'd fuck you harder if you'd FIGHT FAIR YOU FUCKING CHEATERS!!!
Wise on your part.

Suggested "You pissed the gods off." in a prior life. Pointing out their shortcomings, no doubt::::You suck.wav.
"They're going to dispose of you." And scapegoat the Italians, reinforcing The Boot clue.
They signed on not aware of or caring about Horrible. I am entitled. But I guess CHEAT is a keyword here, isn't it?

Their possible intent with Horrible::::They'll being me back in the Preditor clone host for the MarijuanaErradicationProgram "gone awry", ironically putting the disfavored's 20th century enemies in black and Latino clone hosts for this extermination event.

"If you are placed as (Preditor) it's because you have no empathy." "And it will impact you significantly (time)." I TOLD you this FinalProphet shit won't pay.
Probability theory states my expected benefit is insufficient for additional investment, so we go this way.
They told me I was "the one who they won't be keeping". Right, cause I wouldn't subscribe to their evil (Christian positioning theater, clone hosting, etc.), an ULTIMATE corruptor:::I won't play so I have to die.
They're always on the lookout for fresh new ideas.

Why, just today I noted how the gods will create the enviornment where they will "back-door pander", send niggers after me, perhaps use a greaseball, Dego enviornment, compelling me to come to them, without it actually looking like it.
They are emotional whores who want that fulfillment without actually looking like one.
I call you a Slut for good reason.
Emotional whore. Go for your rise. I'm sure if you take it you'll get what you want. Of course you never would have gotten any of this if you didn't. But I guess that is what makes me better than you.
You suck.wav


Europe shaped like a sheep, symbolic for slaughter:::Know who your enemies are. The Italians fucked up our society. Now the gods got them into place to CHEAT you out of the Final Prophet.
Italians preyed on blacks in 20th century (WWIIs Port Chicago parlayed into civil rights) and now blacks have adopted their thug-life charecteristics.
Asians knew very well that the Japanese are their enemy. Sadly, infanticide justified Westernization which justified a short memory span, allowing the gods to corrupt Asians with the Japanese. Now the gods sell them as the model to aspire to. The problem is just going to get worse as time goes on.
The gods offered us Italy shaped like a boot and Scandanavia shaped like a penis pissing on Europe for a reason::::To help you avoid these poeple and the potential danger they bring:::::
The Matrix. Great resistance by Nemo. He doesn't want to believe it is true.
Don't forget:::Italian support actor is the one who betrays the whole group. He may not be Italian in the movie but it doesn't matter.
This is the clue.

The gods will have their tools engage in damaging behaviors to send clues to the disfavored. TO HELP US UNDERSTAND!!! THAT PIC DIDN'T HAVE BLACK EMPLOYEES IS A CLUE ABOUT THEIR FAMILY LEGACY!!! PIC was preditory on blacks economically, the family legacy will illustrate they participated in the economic repression of blacks in the 20th century.
Frequently the gods will have their tools engage in damaging behaviors to send clues to the disfavored. This happens to be one example.

You don't want to let the gods continue playing this telepathic theater in your head.
No being has the ability to listen to your thoughts or communicate. Only Artificial Intelligence can do that.
The computer IS god. The gods are the inventors, trillions of years old.
They set up an enviornment where they create the perception of evil rewarded then corrupt the disfavored with it. This is what has happened in the Situation as well. DON'T LET THEM CONTINUE TO LIE TO YOU!!! It's always the gods conducting this theater with their technology. They don't even use their tools anymore, they no longer get their hands dirty. But the gods have gotten them into place and they are using them.
It's kind of like Sigmund Freud's psychoananlysis. People aren't crazy, they're not homosexual, they're not addicted. The computer is pushing them into wanting it. Today's society is kind of like this Big Lie:::The gods got their tools into place and then enforce their positioning. That's why we see AA meetings ocurr daily. It's why people incurr (fatal?) evil setting people in the wrong direction in the psychoanalysis profession. Similarly, the gods WILL enforce their Manifest Destiny/Christianity position, and Planet Earth is going to die EXACTLY as it reads in the Book of Revelations.
Sorry. Flanders is on the Simpsons for a reason. Learn from him.


Good post.

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