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July 24, 2006



I am doing some geneological research and happened upon your page. If you get any links or info, especially about Ebling's brewery, I'd love to learn about it. My great grandfather was a brewer there and he died on the steps of that brewery in 1924. It was listed as acute pulmonary edema, but they probably thought he had a heart attack. All of a sudden I realized that the brewery was still operating during prohibition- I wonder how they kept the authorities away?
Anyway, if you find any info, I'd love to hear.
Janeen Richards




Actually thats for only one bottle..

Tim Shanley

I was at the parking lot on St Annes today. You can see some of the wall which must have been part of the cellers or maybe the lagering caves..The owner of the parking lot had know clue his property was a Brewery. You can find the lot at 156 st and eagle and St Annes. Any question contact me. I would love to know more about the brewery
Cheers Tim Shanley

Lloyd Ortman


I just found a picture that my wife has of a group of men (and a goat) at the J Chr G Hupfel's Brewery. If you have any interest, drop me an email and I send you a link.


Lloyd- could you send me that link- use the email me link on the left. Is the brewery in the Bronx or Manhattan, by the way? Thanks!

Burl Finkelstein

My dad had a machine shp in the old Ebling Brewery building in the 60's.

I waqs always facinated that the building had large caves under it I recall 3 or 4 of them. As the building is demolished I wonder what happened to teh caves? The building was bigger than the partkin lot is today so it looks like the street was extended behind it. The cave entrances my be underground either under or across the street.

Burl Finkelstein

I also remember that on the corner of St Ann's and 156 in the brewery building was a bar and resturant. It was closed when I poked around itn in the late 60's. I remember seeing Ebling trays and signs but did not think any of it then. I think there was a polo theme mural on the walls.

e-mail me at for any other Ebling building questions.

Kevin H

What do you know or can share on this blog about the Ice caves that were supposedly behind the Ebling brewery and used for cold storage? Do you think there might be a keg or 2 still buried there today?


Burl Finkelstein

When I looked around the caves in the late 60's they were not ice but cool on the hottest summer day. perhaps about 50 F. If ther were any beer left in the few wooden barels I saw 40 years ago I am certain the rats I also saw already drank it.

There is a development company namedd Ebling Partners.looking to develop the lot that is looking for zoning appvoval. It would be really cool to open a brew pub in the caves. From the look of the current site you may have to dig out all the rubble that was pushed into them. I would estimate that the cave entrances is were the big step up in the parking lot when it changes from street level to an elevated level.

I never explored down the street at Hepfuls. and what thier caves looke dlike. Thier decrepid building is still there.


Becky Gerhart

hi. i'm doing genealogy and looking for Paulsen's Brewery. If anyone has any info, i'd like to hear from you. I haven't been able to find anything. thanks

Stephen Lowy

Al Leone: If the Ebling's bottle is still available, i'm interested.

Frederick H. Borg

My great-grandfather was the brewmaster for Hupfels Brewery. His name was Leonhard Bauernfeind and he was born in Bavaria and moved to the USA in 1880. If anyone has old or current photos of the brewery, I'd sure appreciate it. I have some Hupfels memorabilia to share.

Frederick H. Borg

Hmmm... my e-mail address didn't show up.

R. Lennon

Recieved a memo at work recently stating that the Dept. of Buildings was called to the construction site of the old Eblings Brewery to check on a tunnel that was uncovered during excavation. The tunnel is 150' long, 14' high and 18' wide. The tunnel runs under Eagle Ave. and deadends under a public school. They also anticipate uncovering another tunnel on the north end of the site. Thought you may find this interesting.

Burl Finkelstein

Here is a link that shows a photo of the entrance end of one of the caves. I remember seeing the "stockade" that was left when I waled thru the cave about a year latter. This is the cave that was closer to 156 street and is what I assume to be the one they recentely unearthed

Marilyn Gilbert

I was born in Bronx Hospital, and have always said that my first recorded smell is beer--I love the smell (but hate the taste). Does anyone know if Bronx Hospital was located near Ebling Brewery?


recent ny times article


My great grandfather, a brewer by the name of John Baptist Haefner, in the 1880s lived a short distance from the Bronx Ebling Brewery which was at East 156th Street and St. Anns Ave. John lived a few short blocks north at 162nd Street & St. Anna Ave. This suggests that John, who was a "brewery foreman" in the 1880 census may have worked for Ebling. Several other German immigrant brewers lived in the same building as John who was from Bavaria. Would liek to hear from people with like interests. Steve,

The Management

There were a number of breweries in the area, as well as rows of brownstone's inhabited by the workers, called "Brewer's Rows." A few of these still exist, for example on 161st and Cauldwell, where they were preserved by neglect. Closer to 162nd and St.Ann's would be the Hupfel Brewery, which is actually the one I am primarily interested in, since it still stands on 161st and St. Ann's Avenue. You can see the old smokestack on Google maps.

George H. Budnik

I am intreste in finding more out about my Grandfather who worked for Eblings Brewry. His name was Herman Melhop and he lived in Pelham NY where he unexpectedly was the victim of a heart attack in 1941 and passed away. He also was the man that spotted and reported the fire at Eblings Brewry. Any in
info would be greatly appreciated. ( or any additional links)
Geo B

George H. Budnik

Is there a list of Ebling Brewries employees available to the public?
George H.Budnik

Tom Hubbard

My grandfather, Francis C. Hubbard, was employed by the Eblings Brewery in the 1940s and 50s (maybe earlier, but I'm not sure). I have his military registration which says he worked for the Rubel Corp on St. Anns in the Bronx. He was supposedly an "insurance adjuster" but I have no idea what that means. He was a close friend of the owner (Would that be Samuel Rubel?) who bought a $50 savings bond for me (the first grandchild) when I was born in 1951. Can anyone help me confirm these stories?

p sheridan

Looking for hupfel, ebling memorabilia.....the site of the ebling brewery is currently the site of a new construction project....remnants of hupfel's remains....hupfel's hill....formerly 159th street has been history for 20

Burl Finkelstein

I think Rubel was landlord of the Ebling building when it was latter used as a industrial building in the 60's. I recall my dad making rent checks out to him

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