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January 25, 2006


Ms. Chalky Talk

Just out of curiousity, was anything done to discipline the girl who had done the teasing? Especially if it had been going on all morning? And this boy is teased "all the time"? Why is it allowed to go on?

He Who Can't

I spoke to the girl, not that she is the only one who teases this boy. When I said, "all the time," I should have amended, "recently." The boy is sullen, withdrawn, difficult normally. Parental contact has affected him little. The past week or so the rest of the class has really been on his case.
I have found that teasing, especially at this age (11-12), is a difficult problem- like bullying. Some kids get teased, some don't. Some kids actually encouage teasing.
Finally, as a teacher you should also know that what goes on in your classroom is not always what you would "allow to go on," it just is what it is.

Ms. Chalky Talk

I agree with your last statement. I am having a problem in one of my own classes with a boy who gets teased often, to the point where I consider it bullying. I am having a hard time catching the teasers "in the act", so to speak. Many of the teachers in my school seem to feel that this boy "asks for it", and so do nothing even when they KNOW who is teasing him. The emphasis in your post seemed to be on disciplining the boy, but I am glad to hear that that isn't necessarily the case.

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